McDonald’s and Jilliahsmen Trinity, “I’m lovin’ it”, pretty soon.

05/03/2018 12:00 - MUNICH, GERMANY - (PR Distribution™)

McDonald's looks to team up with new Book-Film Franchise Jilliahsmen Trinity. In a first-look partnership deal spanning seven books and seven films, the fast food giant hopes to capitalize on the new wave of youth fandom flocking to the playgrounds of the secret school that governs the universe.

In a collaborative “I’m lovin’ it” endorsement campaign, Jilliahsmen Trinity merchandising is likely to crop up in happy meals across the chain’s North-West American outlets as soon as 2019.  

A private equity mutual revolving fund facility committed to the P&A marketing of both the project’s motion picture slate production and the merch-spons-deal is likely to dwell size an IPO to the board as an instrument to leverage similar deals with Pepsi, Ralph Lauren and LEGO.

McDonald’s makes an early move on the promising franchise as part of the giant’s strategy to revive flagging sales. McDonald's, along with rival Burger King, saw burger sales increase by just 0.2% last year.

Under the terms of the deal, McDonald's may become the sole North American marketing partner for the films, which will be released from 2019 to 2023. As part of the deal, the fast-food brand will pay for a literacy campaign and funds-match a 50% commitment to the film’s advertising.

McDonald's will forego using product placement in the film and campaigns coordinated with the drink, clothing and toy manufacturers.
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