Media Outlets: Are media contacts lists the most effect form of public relations?

2022-09-21 19:15:07 - San Jose, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Press releases can be a powerful tool in your sales arsenal - driving loads of new customers your way at the drop of a dime.

However, the cost of using a press release company can be sky high. Some make you pay membership fees. All PR companies make you pay for using their list of media contacts.

Enter Media Contacts List by Media Outlets - we provide a solution for DIY marketers and entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of their press releases without spending a fortune.

Media Outlets is a one-stop shop for finding media databases and sending out press releases without having to break the bank. With an easy-to-use interface and a database of over 100,000 media contacts, makes it easy to get your story in front of the right people.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start driving traffic to your website with press releases!

The process is simple. Media Contacts List has a database of over 100,000 journalists, reporters, and news outlets. So when you want to distribute a press release...send it to the contacts that you purchased.

That means you only pay for the contacts that are relevant to you. Only sending to local news outlets in California? Purchase the list of contacts from California. Don't spend on contacts from other states. Some states are as inexpensive as $25. Compared with the cost of a PR company, you may pay upwards of $990 for one press release.

Lastly, Media Contacts List constantly updates their list of contacts. That means reliable contact details from every list - this is important, as you don't want to pay for contacts who are no longer working!

Overall, if you know how to submit a good press can save boatloads worth of money using Media Contacts.

To start saving money and distribute your own press releases, click on this link for your media contacts list. Simply buy your area's list, and start submitting your press releases TODAY!

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