Menardi Expands Filter Bag Life Using Fused Seams

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, South Carolina, Trenton - (PR Distribution™)

Menardi Filter Elements has found a new way of expanding filter life and preventing leakage through a filter’s needle holes.  A new case study has found that by using a fused vertical seam instead of a traditional sewn seam, filters are not only made stronger but also do a better job of filtering all the material. 

Fused filters provide a 7% increase in strength for Nomex filters and an 88% increase in strength for Polyester filters. 




When it comes to the filtering and recycling of expensive chemicals, fused seams are a must. Without the needle holes of traditional filters providing the doorway, bypass of unwanted materials no longer occurs in the filtering process. With these benefits of strength and security, fused seam filters will not only save money by requiring less frequent filter replacement, but also by requiring less frequent replacement of the filtered chemical.

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