Menardi Releases New Technology “Menardi-LD Filter"

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, South Carolina, Trenton - (PR Distribution™)

Menardi Filter Elements is officially unveiling their newest, most innovative filter yet. Known as the “Menardi-LD,” this filtration solution delivers when it comes to energy cost savings and reduced pore size. 

            In general, Menardi is known for having a 20% longer bag life compared to its competitors. With this new product it will also provide consumers with energy savings as high as $160,000 per year. According to Menardi’s website, this new filter is based upon the concept of “being the heaviest and toughest membrane which utilizes a minimal dust cake and does not contaminate during long term use even under high peak usage conditions.” 

            The Menardi-LD filter has a small, tight pore structure that is the key to limited dust cake build up in the system.  Traditional filters have larger membrane pore sizes, which causes the pressure drop to build faster and particles to become deeply embedded even after cleaning. That’s why Menardi set out to improve on those inefficient qualities with a new product altogether. 

            Menardi prides themselves on customer relations. On their website they state, “Whereas our competitors just want to sell more filters, we are here to help our customers find solutions to the pains they may be experiencing with their process.” The Menardi-LD filter will help their customers save both time and money. 

            For more information about the Menardi-LD filter or Menardi Filter Elements in general, visit

Menardi has been a leading innovator in filtration since 1913. Customers can expect an average cost savings of 20% annually.  They provide onsite evaluations, in-house testing and a dedicated team of employees for the benefit of their customers. To learn more about Menardi Filter Elements call 800-321-3218. 

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