METACOG wins Innovation Lab Award

2018-03-07 21:09:58 - BOSTON, MA - (PR Distribution™)

METACOG was awarded the Game-Changing Technology Innovation Award at the 2018 Innovation Lab competition. METACOG’s new AI technology enables the ability to measure human cognitive abilities in real-time. The competition was organized by the Association of Test Publishers, the world’s leading assessment industry association. 


METACOG (, is a Boston-based AI company that has built machine scoring technology has the ability to improve human performance at internet level scale. 

With Metacog’s new Artificial Intelligence powered capabilities, new digital content can now be accurately and automatically scored. The content being scored includes simulations, serious games, augmented reality, production platforms, and other open-ended assessment items. Because this content more closely resembles real-world tasks, they can more accurately measure true ability. Measuring the real-world ability to do is critical to industry while helping education and training systems better prepare learners with the skills of the future.  

Up to 800 million jobs are projected to be lost worldwide by 2030 due to automation. The education, certification and corporate training industries want to be prepared for this new reality but have been stuck in the centuries-old knowledge-based approaches of the past. Many new high-paying creative and cognitive jobs are being created but require higher-order thinking and complex problem-solving skills that machines are unable to match. Current testing and applicant scoring systems are unable to assess these skills accurately at the scale, speed or cost that the market requires.

“We built METACOG to help meet the 21st Century employment crisis head-on. Our goal with the API platform is to provide powerful but accessible technologies that cultivate higher-order cognitive skills acquisition and their assessment. The objective is to help people improve learning’s connection to employability by enabling faster, cheaper and deeper competency acquisition and demonstration. Our AI can automatically model the highest performers within academia or an enterprise and then automate the process for others within the organization to acquire those same skills.”  said Owen Lawlor, CXO at METACOG.


ATP ( is a global, nonprofit organization representing providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services related to assessment for clinical, occupational, certification, licensure, educational or other similar professional measurement uses.  ATP members are the leading publishers and assessment service providers in today's testing industry who are committed to encouraging international strategies which advance the position of the industry, its technology, and the science that supports it.

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