Metal Marker Mfg. Provides Permanent Tagging Solutions for Industries

2021-04-22 15:30:00 - United States, Ohio, North Ridgeville - (PR Distribution™)

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio, April 21, 2021 - Metal Marker Mfg. is at the cutting edge of custom identification products, producing durable, sustainable, and high-quality metal tags for a wide range of industries. In business in North Ridgeville since 1923, it's knowledgeable about the regulations that govern the most stringently regulated industries and equipment, from aerospace to the military and ocean liners. When it comes to compliance and organization, Metal Marker has a labeling solution that will go the distance.

The company has fine-tuned the ordering process so it doesn't take up businesses' valuable time, and its fully customizable metal tags are exceptionally good value. Most importantly, Metal Marker understands how important safety and compliance are to the future of a business. Many decision-makers who work with heavy equipment are often faced with the struggle of constantly refurbishing labels on tools and vehicles because of exposure to the elements.

By using Metal Marker to create metal asset tags, metal ID tags, or labels, businesses can save on costs in the long run. In business operations, turning a consumable cost into a fixed, one-off spend is the holy grail. Companies can easily reinvest that money into something that produces a better ROI than paper labels. Metal tags are built to last for decades, and in that time a company could save thousands of dollars, spend less money on training and increase operational efficiency.

While a business might not save the rainforest by using metal tags, it can certainly move away from using needlessly disposable items. Waste is one of the best places to control costs, and by stopping the use of plastic or paper labels, an organization can buy into a sustainable culture of items that are built to last.  

Aerospace faces some of the tightest regulatory standards of any industry — and for good reason. Industry specifications state that labels must be able to withstand extreme conditions and remain readable. Metal Marker's tags are compliant with aerospace, defense, and marine specs. Another sector it works closely with is the industrial and chemical industry, which is governed by strict rules from OSHA. Metal tags can work as a solution to permanently mark harsh chemicals without the risk of damage. 

The use of hardy metal tags isn't just limited to industry or companies that work with large machinery. Any warehouse, workshop, or factory that uses labels can save money by making a one-off purchase of Metal Marker's asset tags that last decades. Paper peels off and fades, plastic cracks and gets cloudy, but metal retains its glossy finish for upwards of 20 years. An organization can tag equipment or add instructions to help new employees learn the ropes a little faster by ensuring everything has a rightful place and is clearly labeled for all to see. All managers know that things run smoother when the workforce knows where to find tools and equipment.

Another advantage of using metal tags is the potential to mark them with a laser and create pretty, intricate designs. Businesses that make products can add instructions onto a metal tag that's etched with their logo and improve the customer experience while providing a potential keepsake or advertisement for the company. 

The benefits of metal labels are practically endless, but compliance, organization, training, and customer satisfaction are some of the main reasons for using them.

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