MetaSepia, Inc. announces partnership on product development and testing with AtomicPay

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA - (PR Distribution™)

MetaSepia, a new mobile proximity payments securitized channel technology company, has been selected as a launch partner by AtomicPay, a mobile wallet payments and decentralized payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.


MetaSepia, Inc and AtomicPay announced today that they will partner on product development and testing with merchants in multiple Asian countries utilizing the AtomicPay payments technology and application.


MetaSepia’s technology will create a mobile Optical to Optical (O2O) Trusted Transaction Environment (TTE), enabling secure “NFC-like” mobile proximity payments, and encouraging mobile consumers and merchants to use their favorite images for mobile transactions. This will result in lower fee peer payments opportunities and personalized transactions for an Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) at the mobile Point of Sale (POS), and supporting merchant-customer loyalty/brand initiatives with fiat, alt-currencies, and digital assets. 


The MetaSepia solution is a new security payment channel, doubling the secure proximity payments channels from NFC only, and increasing security for AtomicPay offline payments. 

AtomicPay and MetaSepia are building something new


AtomicPay, “The technology behind AtomicPay allows shop owners to obtain immediate custody of funds whenever a user makes payment. The platform does not work as a financial custodian like PayPal or Bitpay”, according to Benz Rif, founder. “From the start to the end of a payment, no funds will go through AtomicPay and neither does the processor hold any funds belonging to retailers.”

“It is an entirely peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solution, with the convenience and benefits of a payment processor,” explained Rif. “A small merchant transaction fee provides revenue.”


MetaSepia enables customers to use interactive personalized images, engages buyers with their purchases, and facilitates merchant loyalty and brand initiatives. “We believe this kind of personalization leads to customer interactions with employees that result in repeat clientele,” said David Watkins, CEO of MetaSepia. “Pioneered by companies like Amazon and Facebook, personalization can increase customer engagement and build loyalty.” MetaSepia is currently in development, pre-product, and now raising a seed round.

“We’ve just doubled the number of secure mobile proximity payments channels from the present NFC. Three issued patents and two technology development and launch partners, with more in discussion, provide technology and value validation. A supportive legal mandate in AB161 will help drive the in-store last foot mobile proximity payments ICX adoption, while delivering novel security at the endpoint,” said Kerry Brown, founder and CTO of MetaSepia, and cofounder/former CTO of Vivotech, a developer of mobile NFC products, distributing nearly 1M NFC merchant POS terminals. 

“The MetaSepia solution vastly updates existing QR-based mobile offline P2P and in-store retail transaction payment systems, upgrading them to secure blockchain proximity payments solutions more easily implemented, documented, and maintained than traditional NFC. This supports cryptocurrency, digital transactions, tokens, and multiple fiat currency options at the offline mobile POS and P2P, reducing repudiation and other fraud”, explained Brown.

MetaSepia is a new secure “NFC-like” personalized mobile proximity payments channel

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