Michael Everest DeMarco & Local Louisiana Bank Fund Aspiring Actors

2021-07-27 15:18:37 - New Orleans, Louisiana, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Michael Everest DeMarco is a bit of a local celebrity in New Orleans. His fondness for the community in this popular Louisiana has inspired him to do something to give back. One thing this actor is familiar with is the challenges that many young aspiring actors face when they are first starting out in their careers.

Nobody prepares an aspiring actor for the cost of becoming one. While there are many programs out there to fund careers in medicine and technology, the arts are often overlooked. This is why DeMarco has decided to team up with a local bank to make funding possible.

Making A Change For New Orleans Actors 

Everyone is under the impression that actors have unlimited wealth. The phrase "starving artist" didn't come out of the blue. Michael Everest DeMarco remembers how difficult things were when he first started out in his career. Landing that first role is a job all on its own, and this is one people don't get paid for.

To make things more complicated for aspiring actors, they usually don't get paying roles until they are a household name. If their name alone isn't selling tickets, it's likely they won't get paid for their role in the production. This leads many aspiring actors to try to balance a full-time job on top of their acting careers. They end up getting burnt out before they get a chance to start.

How Actors Can Benefit From Michael Everest DeMarco's Efforts

Michael Everest DeMarco believes that there is a lot of great talent in Louisiana. Still, these talented performers need to put all of their energy into improving their acting skills and landing their breakout roles. They shouldn't have to worry about all the additional expenses that come with being an actor.

One of the perks of being an actor is that they get to travel the world to film in different places. Every project could be a new adventure. Michael Everest DeMarco remembers very well how difficult it was for him to come up with the funds for travel expenses when he wasn't getting paid for his roles. 

Actors never know where their next role will take them. On one project, they may play a doctor in LA. However, for their next role, they will need to fly over to British Columbia. In most situations, production companies won't cover the traveling expenses. This new funding that Michael Everest DeMarco and the local bank are working on could help a lot of actors cover these expenses.

Helping Louisiana Actors Land Their Role

Michael Everest DeMarco's main passion is bringing a story to life. He wants to continue sharing this joy for the rest of his life. That is why he is so passionate about this new project with the bank and dedicated to helping other young actors get ahead in their careers. DeMarco is looking forward to seeing what this funding project can do for these young actors.

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