Micheal Toth’s Documentary Finishes filming in El Salvador

2023-02-27 10:00:00 - Los Angeles, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Producer Brendan Moriarty (The Road to Freedom) joins musician, and director Michael Toth on his debut feature documenting an inside look at the hip, underground skate culture in “The Outsiders.” 
The documentary/adventure/drama project started filming in Vietnam, Thailand, and finished in El Salvador.

The doc film follows Michael Toth and his group of young underground American skateboarders and misfits who embark on a lifetime adventure to Vietnam and Thailand and finish off in El Salvador. On their Journey, they experience the raw reality of life outside of America and all the wild adventures that come with it as they inspire the next generation. Executive producer Micheal Toth, producer Brendan Moriarty and El Salvador producer Julio Calderon.

Michael Toth is better known as the lead vocalist for the heavy metal rock band Bagman. He grew up in the skate culture in Los Angeles. Now his goal is to bring a new perspective of the skate community worldwide through this film.

“Filming a documentary like this with a great group of underground skateboarders and being able to shoot in these amazing locations of Vietnam, Thailand, and El Salvador has been a dream come true,“ said Micheal Toth. The documentary film plans to enter into film festivals later this year.

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