Mike And Darren: Mike’s Recent Interview in Dotcom Magazine

2022-09-21 20:00:00 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - (PR Distribution™)

Recently, Mike Dreher of the Mike and Darren Dream Team sat in an interview with DotCom magazine and spoke extensively about various subjects. 

The CEO and Co-Founder of the Dream Team–the hugely popular online business mentoring program, talked about his business philosophy; why he and Darren created their online mentoring program and how it can help others; and what advice he has to give to those who want to start their independent online enterprise.

Mike and Darren Dream Team: How It Can Help

Mike emphasized that the Dream Team program is, first of all, equipped with everything (tools and technologies, training, support systems, curated products) that an individual starting his own venture in the online space needs to find success. 

Mike adds that people joining their course need not have any prior business experience; neither do they need to be tech-oriented. As long as there is a strong drive to succeed and the willingness to put in the effort, participants can find success in their online ventures by simply following the training.

However, it is noteworthy that Mike emphasizes the vast global community of online entrepreneurs that have come together courtesy of the Dream Team program. 

And he contends that as much as the course helps the business owners, the community has also played a significant role in helping businesses find success.

He elaborates that the community is built upon the principle of servant leadership, and the Darren and Mike Dream Team does everything it can to keep the community lively and active. 

This means that apart from the weekly mastermind session conducted by Darren and Mike, the community members hold multiple group sessions, masterminds, etc., regularly. The members share their success stories, tips, tricks, etc., and together this helps all members of the community grow mutually. 

Advice for New Entrepreneurs 

Mike is also very specific when asked about the advice he would like to give those looking to start a business. 

He mentions that he would like everyone to know the why behind their efforts and aspirations. And there should be no vagueness when it comes to why one wants to start and succeed in a business. 

According to Mike, as long as there is total clarity and focus, one would never be lacking in motivation. Money in itself can be no end, Mike affirms. 

There must be a clear vision as to why money is necessary and how it would essentially enhance the quality of life of the entrepreneur who finds success. And one should dig as deep as possible to find that crucial answer. 

Besides that, Mike's other important advice is that no matter how challenging a situation one faces, try not to panic. On the contrary, it is better to think about the worst possible outcome, which is rarely the end of it all. 

In other words, one ought to realize that no matter how difficult the situation, it is seldom a life or death matter. And once one can gain this perspective, he will be able to approach the situation in a calm and composed manner and come out alright no matter what.

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