Mindset, Money, And Making A Difference

2020-11-02 19:27:14 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

We have all been there. The opportunity of your dreams is right in front of you, but instead of stepping into it - you bomb. You put your foot in your mouth, let your nerves get to you and fail to show your brilliance. But what if at this very moment you know that without a shadow of a doubt you will never fail yourself again. You can. All you have to do is master any room. 

It is human nature to want our lives to matter. Yet though we feel a responsibility to produce brilliance to make a difference, many of us struggle with imposter syndrome and wonder if we truly matter. On this week’s episode of Master Any Room, host, and founder of the International Society of Intelligent Influence, Ali Craig is sharing with you the secrets to mastering your mind, making a difference, and making money. And it all begins with the art of influence. 

With over 22 years of real-world knowledge and experience, 3x best-selling author and founder of The International Society Of Intelligent Influence and Impression Management Ali Craig has taught thousands of entrepreneurs to own the room by knowing how to send the right signals to influence any situation. And now she shares the same wisdom with you. 

The mission at the International Society of Intelligent Influence and Impression Management (https://isiiaim.com), is to change all that. To remove the unknown and teach you the science, skills, and social understanding needed to make, keep and enjoy your much sought-after and influential relationships. That’s INTELLIGENT INFLUENCE™. Owning this for yourself personally and professionally makes you an intelligent and influential CEO of your future.

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