MintID-Introducing the World’s first NFC protected line of Precious Metal Products

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, Florida, Tampa - (PR Distribution™)

MintID was created to solve the problem of counterfeiting in the precious metals space. Unfortunately, until now investors have been plagued with the uncertainty of whether or not the products they own are actually genuine. By embedding AES-128 bit encrypted and tamper proof NFC chips directly at the source MintID customers can authenticate their investments in real time using MintID’s iOS/Android mobile apps.


All MintID gold and silver products are equipped with a digitally unique and AES-128 bit encrypted NFC smart tag. Utilizing the MintID mobile app each product can instantaneously be authenticated and guaranteed genuine by the minting facility that produced it. Our app features real time authentication of goods, product specifications, and buy/sell capabilities. 


Different from many other industries that have continued to evolve and adapt new technologies the precious metals space have been virtually unchanged since the beginning of time. Corey Maita, MintID’s founder believes that with MintID it’s all about to change. Unlike serial numbers, florescent inks, QR codes, and serial numbers MintID chips cannot be copied or cloned. MintID only uses locked encrypted microchips that link your physical bullion products to their cloud based digital records. Corey believes in a connected world every bullion investment product and collectible should have a digital identity to protect each product. “Quite simply we are connecting precious metals to the Internet of Things (IOT) in an effort to provide our customers with complete transparency” says MintID founder Corey Maita. 



MintID’s inaugural product line includes 1oz gold bars, 1oz silver rounds, and 10oz silver bars. Each product bears the MintID logo and the AES-128 encrypted NFC tag that gives each product its unique digital identity. In addition to MintID’s custom bullion products, we have engineered a self-destructing smart tag and packaging that provides sovereign mints coinage all of the same protections and features of genuine MintID products. MintID products are currently minted at the Highland Mint, an ISO-9001 rated facility allowing MintID products to be included in your precious metals IRA’s.  MintID products will be distributed through stocking wholesale dealers and direct to our authorized retailer network. 

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