MOBILE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM (STEAMICM) Awarding Grants to School Districts Across the United States

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  HOUSTON, TEXAS - 11/15/2018 (

HOUSTON – STEAM International Children’s Museum, Inc., through traveling exhibitions, lecture series and unique collections operating from a mobile museum tractor trailer has a wide range of hands-on exhibits. The STEAMICM Mobile Museum will be able to expose students and people of all ages to a hands-on exploration of culture and heritage, history, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

We bring the STEAMICM Mobile Museum to the student’s school location for application and hands-on learning. Teachers can bring their classes to the STEAMICM Mobile Museum for an out of classroom learning experience as STEAMICM will provide trained educational guides throughout the educational tour. Students will apply their knowledge and skills as they explore over 100 hands-on artifacts and activities during five, 20-minute tour segments. 

Feature Exhibition...The United States Presidential Collection Exhibition® invites students to take a short journey through space and time learning about the historic White House of the American presidency from 1789 to present. The exhibition will represent history of the 45 U.S. Commanders in Chief, their First Ladies and rooms in the West Wing: Cabinet Room, Situation Room and Oval Office. A one-of-a-kind design with enormous space of four semi-tractor trailer trucks, each room exhibition space of 477 square feet, provides visitors and instructor-guided learning groups a total of 2,500 square feet of space to journey and explore people, spaces and time in history.

STEAMICM will donate 20 percent of its profits from the exhibition tours to schools, universities, corporate events and community events to school districts across the United States for additional Instructional Paraprofessionals to help support low-achieving students, Security Officers to help provide an even more safe learning environment for students and Parent Coordinators to assist families in understanding the educational system and ongoing parent engagement with students and faculty members to help promote academic achievement at home and school. 

STEAMICM has contracted with Ventures Exhibits, LP who will be opening three manufacturing plants across the United States to build STEAMICM Exhibits, which will be providing thousands of jobs over the next three to seven years. Ventures Exhibits, LP is issuing $70 million dollars in convertible bonds to secure their contractual obligations to manufacture STEAMICM Exhibits.

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