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  MEDFORD, OR - 03/12/2019 (

Oregon mom, Andrea Berryman Childreth, released ON THE EDGE, a book about her family’s personal experience raising a mentally-ill daughter and the trials and tribulations they’ve faced. The book, which she published through Kindle Direct Publishing, is available in print or e-book at - .


“When a child faces a physical health crisis, friends and family rally around to provide support,” says Berryman Childreth. “But when a child is diagnosed with a mental illness, their families often find themselves struggling alone with stigma and shame, hiding behind a mask of normalcy while feeling completely helpless and out of control at home.”


ON THE EDGE provides a realistic and practical guide to parenting a child with mental illness. Real life stories combine with an overview of common diagnoses, advice on navigating health insurance or the school system, and help with setting expectations at home to give practical steps to bring order to the chaos and hope to the future.


Berryman Childreth also hopes to raise awareness among community leaders and legislators about the crises families face in the school, insurance and justice systems due to a lack of mental health resources. “Support is just not available,” she says. “I hear from families regularly who are floundering trying to navigate the schools, their health insurance and treatment options, all while attempting to take care of a mentally ill child and go about their lives.”


Berryman Childreth also provides resources and support through her website and blog, She provides coaching and advocacy services to struggling families.



Andrea Berryman Childreth has first-hand experience with mental illness. As the mother of a daughter diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD, a non-verbal learning disorder, and an auditory processing disorder, she has also struggled with anxiety, depression and bulimia as a young woman, which eventually led to a diagnosis of bipolar disorder when she was 34.


Andrea, her husband, Jeff, and their two daughters, Chloe and Sophia, live in Medford, Oregon. Andrea is the owner of Spotlight Marketing, a marketing firm based in Medford, and Jeff is a dentist in private practice in Medford.


“My goal with this book and my blog is to help families who are struggling with mental illness,” says Andrea. “First, I want them to feel as if they are not alone, and also I want them to know how they can get the support and information they need.”


In addition, Andrea seeks to dispel the myth that mental illness happens only to those who struggle with abuse or dependency issues. “It happens to ‘normal’ people,” she says. “Most people (with mental illness) are just in the throes of life like everybody else,” she says. “It can be miserable and lonely – it certainly was for us for a long time.”


“We are such a reactive society. If we just took care of the mentally ill in the first place, it would solve a lot of issues,” Andrea stresses. “I keep pushing for answers and for resources. I just want to keep moving in that direction.


“My husband’s and my goal is to be nurturing parents to both our daughters and to help them find and achieve their goals and their passions – whatever they might be.”


For more information about ON THE EDGE or Berryman Childreth’s website Bipolar Lemonade, visit

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