Moniat book price rises from 10¢ to 12¢ in Jan 2019

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - MENA - (PR Distribution™)

Since it is introduced, Moniat or MAT attracts thousands of individuals to trade in the new cryptocurrency from Europe, Asia and MENA regions. Moniat was offered with a value of 10 Cents for each MAT, and in early January 2019 the book value increased to 12¢ per MAT, which is due to the increasing demand and buying. As for Moniat or MAT, 3 factors influence its Book Price, first is the traders volume, second is immediate enabling of traders profit withdrawals, and third is the amazing progress of Moniat uses as a cryptocurrency.

Traders volume is increasing everyday, because of the marketing structure which is facilitated for traders who get ten percent profit from any referral and up to five levels of carefully designs and professionally structured multi-level-marketing concept. Second factor, which is considered as the first of its kind in cryptocurrency market, is allowing traders to immediately and always withdraw the generated profit and convert to Ethereum and directly to fiat currency or traditional money. That attracted tens of thousands of individuals who are new to the cryptocurrency trading to participate in Moniat offering. Third and important factor driving increase in Moniat Book Price is the increasing consideration of Moniat currency as a payment method for the new and underdevelopment blockchain based applications, like Flashat which is planed to be live in second quarter of 2019.

It is noticeable that Moniat price is always referred to as BOOK PRICE and not MARKET PRICE, that is because Moniat is designing a new offering strategy to allow immediate use of the currency and profit generation and collection based on the offering price that goes up and down based on internal formula designed to consider the 3 explained factors.

Moniat OU is a Blockchain and cryptocurrency development consortium founded in 2018 by Moniat OU Group. The consortium has released the cryptocurrency (Moniat also called MAT) that serves as an in-dApp payment method for Blockchain based applications. It is currently an ERC20 token with plans to move to independent blockchain.

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