MONQ launches new CBD line: MONQ +cbd

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The leader and originator of the personal aromatherapy diffuser industry launches a new CBD-infused collection of products.

Goodlettsville, Tenn. (June 9, 2020) - MONQ Aromatherapy Anywhere® announced its new collection, MONQ +cbd—a CBD-infused line. MONQ + debuts in MONQ’s Original personal aromatherapy diffuser, a disposable diffuser designed for aromatherapy on-the-go, and in Roll-On essential oil blends. 

“MONQ is thrilled to introduce customers to MONQ +, our new CBD-infused line of products,” said Eric Fishman, M.D., founder and CEO. “Each blend is handcrafted to enhance our most popular blends with the healing properties of CBD while increasing our customers’ exposure to terpene-rich, paleo air®.”



Building from the popular base blends, MONQ +cbd creates an entourage effect, which helps optimize the aromatherapeutic benefit of each blend.

“By scientifically handcrafting our blends, MONQ is creating our own terpene profiles for CBD to engage. The result is terpene-rich aromatherapy designed so that you can feel the way you want,” said Dyana Patamia, MONQ’s certified aromatherapist specializing in CBD. 

MONQ + launches with personal diffuser blends Peace+ and Zen+, and Roll-On blends FOCUS+, Relieve+, and Sleepy+. 

Peace+, a special blend of CBD, frankincense, mandarin, and rosemary, is designed to quiet your mind and inspire creativity, calm, and contentment. 

Zen+ features notes of ylang ylang, sweet orange, and frankincense enhanced with CBD, and is known to promote relaxation and deepen meditation. 

FOCUS+ Roll-On is designed to help users relax into a deep focus to reach their flow state and is best applied to the temples.

Relieve+ Roll-On is blended specifically to address aches and discomfort. MONQ recommends applying it directly to areas of soreness and bruising. 

Sleepy+ Roll-On is the perfect addition to a nighttime routine and is blended with essential oils and infused with CBD to promote a good night’s rest.

Users report experiencing therapeutic benefits when using MONQ +cbd. “Especially under the conditions of quarantine, I have been experiencing many waves of stress that feel out of my control. ...The reason I love MONQ and its products is that not only am I able to experience immediate relief, but I can also feel in control and manage my emotions from a calmer state. I truly feel a difference in my mental state throughout the day, and these products have already changed my life!” said Lauren G., a college student in California. 

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About MONQ

MONQ, LLC, headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tenn., blends the ancient and modern—nature with technology—to improve human lives one breath at a time, helping you feel better, do better, be better. 

Founded in 2014, by Eric Fishman, M.D., MONQ strives to guide others on their self-enrichment journey to live happier, healthier lives. This was born out of Dr. Fishman’s desire to move from helping just one patient at a time as an orthopedic surgeon to sharing natural health and wellness with many—anytime, anywhere. 

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