Monte Vista Grows Great Grass on Their Football Field

2022-08-31 16:00:00 - Monte Vista, Colorado, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Monte Vista Colorado has struggled with a poor-quality football field, until Turf Feeding Systems sent them a fertigation system, which grew great green grass fast. Now the field is green and great, and the team and the town are very happy. 

Monte Vista Colorado is a small rural town struggling to grow grass on their high school football field, with a limited budget, and poor soil and water quality. However, Mark Hotz the field manager, contacted Turf Feeding Systems, a Texas company, and asked for help. And they did. They sent him one of their fertigation systems to demonstrate how well it can grow grass fast and green.  Monte Vista now has a great green football field for their players.

The fertigation system injects fertilizer into irrigation water making it lightly sweet with fertilizer. It feeds the grass every time they irrigate and is very efficient like hydroponics growing grass fast and green automatically.

Mark Hotz installed the fertigation system on the irrigation system for their football field and has been mixing fertilizer he had in stock and injecting it every time he irrigates.

Mark Hotz states, “The football field is like night and day better than last year and fertigation is accurate, safe, and automatic growing great grass.  We are amazed and very happy.” 

Michael Chaplinsky, president Turf Feeding Systems states, “My passion is to help struggling small-town sports fields, which make up 70% of America.  They are all facing limited budgets and high costs to maintain their fields.  So, we donate fertigation systems at no cost too many to help them and inspire their players to be great.”

Turf Feeding Systems specializes in fertigation (automatic fertilizer) systems for golf, sports fields, parks, and landscapes across the U.S. for over 35 years.

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