My Well Read Child Redefines How Children of Color Read Books

2020-11-23 15:53:22 - Washington, D.C. - (PR Distribution™)

The launch of this black-owned book subscription company amplifies diverse voices and stories that inspire and uplift children of color.  

WASHINGTON, D.C., 23, 2020- Toni R. Settles, children’s book author and mother of two, has accepted her calling of placing more diverse books in the hands of children all over the world. After the highly successful 2019 launch of The Well Read Child Book Fairs, a book fair she founded that celebrates diversity and promotes the love of reading, Settles saw an opportunity to further her impact and give all children an opportunity to see themselves in the books they read with My Well Read Child. 

As an educator raising her children in Washington D.C., a city with a huge literacy gap that impacts the most vulnerable populations, Settles understands the importance of education, literacy and proper representation. The Well Read Child Book Fairs planted roots in our nation’s capital city to help bridge this gap locally and with the rebranding of The Well Read Child book Fairs  to My Well Read Child, she aims to develop a global powerhouse for diverse children’s books and educational resources. 

“My Well Read Child envisions a world where every child is positively represented in books and other forms of media regardless of race or socioeconomic status,” Settles said. “It pays homage to black excellence while carving out its own identity within the literary world.”

The shift to My Well Read Child symbolizes a commitment to empowering young readers to be well read and to celebrating the uniqueness of diversity. The brand has partnered with over 40 authors and various non-profit organization to offer parents and educators a collection of books that teach, inspire, motivate and uplift. For added accessibility, the rebranding includes a subscription service that will deliver books directly to your doorstep monthly.

While this launch is a celebration of sorts, it is also a call to action. In a world where children of color are often depicted harshly in the media, Settles is determined to change the narrative with My Well Read Child. One book at a time. 

About Toni R. Settles: 

Toni R. Settles is a philanthropist, educator, literacy advocate, and entrepreneur. She is a proud HBCU graduate and holds a History degree from Clark Atlanta University. 


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