Myriad Provisions International Triples Virginia Beach Foothold in 2022

2022-03-15 19:00:00 - Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States - (PR Distribution™)

The new year has proven to be fruitful for Virginia Beach’s most renowned marketing firm. Myriad Provisions International tripled their foothold on the coast, launched two new campaigns and landed a premier retail partnership leaving their competitors wondering “what’s next?”


Brendon Cyprianos, a Zimbabwe native and an avid competitor hit the fast track early on in 2022. Myriad Provisions Director, Will Johnson described Brendan’s first months with the firm as ‘remarkable’.


“Brendon meshed instantly with our team and our core values. He focused on the little things right from the start. He became a force to be reckoned with. He is a great student and a remarkable salesman. He became the obvious choice for our first expansion”, says Johnson.


The partnership reached an apex as Myriad Provisions International opened their sister office in Fairfax, Virginia led by Brendon.


The second wave of growth occurred shortly after the first expansion as Johnson handed Justin Clayton, a Virginia Beach native, the proverbial keys to the kingdom in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Justin is a graduate of Radford University, with a degree in Design Management.


“Our previous surge of growth pulled a lot of the talent we held in our head quarter office off to assist in our newer markets,” Johnson explained. “We had a ton of rebuilding to do here in Virginia Beach and we leaned a lot on Justin in 2021. He was our go-to guy and he did not disappoint.”


Justin now manages the organization’s Fredericksburg territory.


Last for the quarter, but certainly not least – Avery Merchant. Avery humbly accepted Johnson’s offer of Partner in Virginia Beach, launching Myriad’s newest retail partnership program. Another Virginia native, Avery holds an Aviation Management degree from Hampton University. The Myriad Provisions team describes him as unrelenting, ambitious and wholesome.


With three of the most exciting recent business expansions backing him, William Johnson is quickly gaining ground as an industry leader, motivator and marketing influencer. His Instagram has become his platform for reaching innumerable young entrepreneurs, encouraging them to reach their full potential.


When asked ‘What’s next for Myriad Provisions International’ Johnson replied, “What’s next? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.”


For the latest job opening at Myriad Provisions International, visit www.myriadprovisions.net.



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