Mystery behind faith leadership in a book - "The Hedgestone Heresy"

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Tony Santos

Book Title: 

The Hedgestone Heresy 

About the Book: 

The Hedgestone Heresy deals with the paradox and tension of Christian endeavor under faith leadership that has become corrupted in the core principles it purports to uphold. The leadership failures are discovered and exposed, and at the same time the power of faith and its great ideals are preserved and upheld for what they are, naked of church structure and organisation. When the church fails, it’s always an inside not job. The human frailty of its leadership, and not an external assault of governments or 'unbelievers'. The reasons are always the same - greed, carnal ambition, pride, control, money, sex. This ambition is pursued by the key characters and in the process, their romance unfolds, as a secondary story. The darkness and damage of abusive church leadership upon the lives of humble believers is explored in all of its horrific fullness and far-reaching impact. At a time where evangelical endeavor is making and taking renewed influence across the globe in the lives of millions, while historical church structures crumble, The Hedgestone Heresy attempts to serve as a timely reminder of what can bring it all undone very quickly. The opposing truths in tension need to be understood. Governance needs to be a priority. Honesty, accountability and transparency are to be valued and upheld, while spiritual manipulation, intimidation and abuse needs to be exposed and extinguished for what it is. 

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