Natalya Samoylova shot her videoclip with Rusguard

2019-11-19 12:24:01 - Russia, Moscow - (PR Distribution™)

A Russian singer and songwriter Natalya Samoylova has published a music video on her new song called «Spetsnaz» (“Special Forces”). The clip (directed by Valery Vardanyan) was shot under the patronage of an independent operational purpose division named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky. Natalya says that she wanted to dedicate her song to the heroes of special forces and comments: “Who are these young guys with sparkling wide smiles and open souls, that chose to devote their careers to protecting their Motherland and providing peaceful night dreams to the whole nation, by paying the prices of their personal lives? What stays for this romantic and mystical term of “special forces”? I will tell you: the special force is a day-to-day overcoming yourself, a risk of not returning home after completing your mission of protecting the human lives; it is a huge series of tiresome workouts and trainings under the rain and burning sunshine, parachute jumps, field exercises, mounts, blood, sweating and sand. No outsiders are in. Without any wrong exaggeration, the elite force is a real elite of armed forces structures”.


Also, the singer says that she was dreaming to become an elite force soldier when she was a kid: “While such guys are there, our country has its future. I’m really happy that I can express all my respect and a wide emotional palette in my song and music video of “Spetsnaz”. I want to thank the independent operational purpose division named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky for their support in production of my clip called “Spetsnaz”.



Natalya Samoylova is a singer who has reached a high popularity in Russia. Within the recent years she has been performing with Ennio Morriccone in Gnesin Music Academy’s Concert Hall, in the concert halls of Moscow State Conservatory and in many other concert places. She has released three albums: “Soldiers of Russia”, “Bridges of Love” and “Dead people also see the dreams”, also she has released several video clips.


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