Natavi Health Extends its Birth Defects Awareness Campaign into Healthy Habits for Healthy Babies

2019-06-03 12:39:17 - Dedham, Massachusetts - (PR Distribution™)

The Birth Defects Awareness Campaign Launched by Natavi Health Has Been Extended into Healthy Habits for Healthy Babies


Natavi Health, a subsidiary of Krona Therapeutics, Inc. and a marketer of high-quality supplements for women, is pleased to announce the extension of the Birth Defects Campaign it launched earlier in the year.  The extended educational campaign is called Healthy Habits for Healthy Babies.


The campaign will focus on three main subjects, and these include the adverse effect of smoking, alcohol, and drug use before and during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding. The healthcare company places thorough consideration on the severe impact these bad habits have not only on the mother, but also - extremely importantly - on the baby.  The campaign also covers the health benefits of exercising, maintaining a balanced diet and adequate supplementation during pregnancy and after childbirth to lower the risk of birth defects.

The health hazard of smoking is high, potentially leading to heart disease and cancer.  Women who smoke find it hard to get pregnant and are more likely to experience miscarriage than women who don’t smoke. Smoking while pregnant can result in premature birth of the baby, certain birth defects, such as cleft lip or cleft palate, and possibly even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), an infant death for which a cause for the death cannot be found. Still 1 in 14 women who gave birth in the United States in 2016 (7.2%) reported smoking during pregnancy.

Amongst pregnant women, CDC researchers found that about 1 in 9 pregnant women reported drinking alcohol* in the past 30 days. Among those who reported consuming alcohol, about one third engaged in binge drinking. The implications are enormous and with life long consequences for the babies.The use of opioids is not far behind with the NIH reporting that up to 5% of pregnant women use one or more addictive substances. 

Alcohol and drugs in a mother's bloodstream pass to the baby through the umbilical cord, potentially leading to several physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities. These substances can result in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Natavi Health, explicitly exposes the consequences of alcohol and drug use during pregnancy, warning that the consequences to the babies may include, but are not limited to: abnormal facial features, hyperactive behavior, low body weight, poor coordination, intellectual disability or low IQ, sleep and sucking problems, vision or hearing problems, problems with the heart, kidney or bones. Moreover, smoking tobacco or marijuana, taking prescription pain relievers, or using illegal drugs during pregnancy is associated with double or even triple the risk of stillbirth.

“Natavi’s Healthy Habits Campaign is meant to make pregnant women to be equipped with the knowledge of how important it is to avoid unhealthy habits and to ensure proper nutrition in order to prevent birth defects and disastrous syndromes.  As a company dedicated to women’s health, we are heralding these important messages to future and present mothers for their health and the health of their babies.  Our company aims to support the efforts being carried out by such reputable organizations as American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), the Center of Disease Control (CDC), and the March of Dimes,” said Angel Biaggi, President of Krona Therapeutics, Inc.

The campaign will continue for most of the remainder of 2019 through all Natavi Health social media accounts with the objective of reaching all women in reproductive age and creating awareness about these important issue.


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