National Kratom Retail Store Brand Opens its 1st Retail Location in Seattle

2021-12-21 19:45:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Bumble Bee Botanicals has arrived in Seattle. Bumble Bee Botanicals is a retail chain dedicated to the sale of kratom, a controversial plant from southeast Asia that many people use because of its purported health benefits. Kratom has exploded in popularity over the past five years amongst consumers despite objections from the Food and Drug Administration. Kratom consumers typically consume the ground up leaves of the plant in raw powder form and in capsules and report effects such as relief from minor aches and pains, increased energy and alertness, and improved mood. 

Bumble Bee Botanicals’ owner Andrew Graham had this to say about the new store opening. “Looking at new locations around the country for our seventh store, we decided on University District in Seattle because we know the community has a strong affinity for kratom with only a couple local stores that have a strong focus on kratom. We are solely dedicated to the kratom plant and aim to provide the largest selection of high quality, lab tested products on the market.”

This is Bumble Bee’s seventh retail location in the US but their first in Seattle, WA. The store is now open for business.

Website Link: https://bumblebeesd.com/kratom-seattle-wa

Store Address: 1407 NE 47th St Suite A, Seattle, WA 98105

Store Phone Number: 206-636-8857

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