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  SCOTTSDALE, AZ - 08/06/2018 (

NAUGHTY BOY GOLF, NBG announced today plans to exhibit at the 2018 PGAFashion & Demo Experience, Aug. 13-15, in Las Vegas.

Naughty Boy Golf is pleased to join the industry to debut product to influential PGA Professionals and golf retailers. During the PGA Demo Experience, on Monday, Aug. 13, 2018, at Top golf Las Vegas, Naughty Boy Golf will showcase its top performance
bold, bright “freshest polos” to influential PGA Professionals and golf retailers. The clothing line is intended to reach the millennial markets and brings a whole level of excitement to the game. During the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience, Aug. 14-15, 2018,
at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Naughty Boy Golf will introduce their latest collection entitled, “Swagger” and also debut their new line for females called Naughty Babe Golf. Naughty Boy Golf is a lifestyle brand willing to push the envelope and grow with passion for the game by creating hip, fresh, bold and daring golf wear. Naughty Boy Golf has started a revolution in the golf apparel industry.


Naughty Boy Golf is a unique company with edgy designs that appeals to a younger demographic and golfers who not only want to fearlessly conquer but who also want to revolutionize, lead, and most of all uplift the love for the game through individuality. Naughty Boy Golf is in the business of creating quality, awesome polos for only the most passionate players out there.
Naughty Boy Golf believes in providing the world’s best, most badass, bodacious, savage, swag polos. Again, they have arrived to start a revolution. “Golf is the most epic sport in the world, but why do the players look like they all have the same shirts on?” says Adams, NBG’s founder and visionary. “We are claiming to have the world’s best polo because we have been told that not only can our polos improve your golf swing swagger by 75% but someone is bound to say great polo where did you get that?” To their point, they will set you apart from the rest. First and most importantly, when wearing a Naughty Boy Golf Polo the wearer will be noticed from 200 yards away, and as a warning to the wearer expect compliments from PGA pros and cart girls. Some of the comments made have been, “Wow awesome shirt you must be a pro!” Not only are the polos silky smooth perfection but are wrinkle free and top performance material. The designs include everything from bright zig-zags, gigantic herringbone, green tiger print, shamrocks, argyle. The polos are designed with intellect and are not just a printed shirt. There is also a nice classic mix of prints for the
bespoke golfer. Each design is a statement in itself and is titled with certain meaning. Examples include: “Get em Tiger”, “Savage baby”, “Feel like a beast”, “It’s Saturday Boys”, “Lucky” the list is endless. These polos cannot be found in your “grandpa’s” wardrobe. The fit of each garment is important also, there is perfection in the arms and chest not a lot of extra material to bunch and they
can be worn untucked. For this season, Naughty Boy Golf is presenting bold “text” printed polos that read FORE, BIRDIE,LUCKY, AMEN. Not to mention their amazing world map printed polo too. They will also present a matching polo and skort collection for the NAUGHTY BABES out there due to so many inquiries. Naughty Babe will include metallics, ruffles, leopard, smart but sassy designs. New to the brand are matching golf towels with scratchy abrasive backsides that golfers love.

The company founded by award winning designer Patricia Fistes-Adams who also designs an avant-garde line called Barking Fire Couture. They are based in Arizona and California. According to Adams, her interest in golf peaked when she was bored and unimpressed with what the players are wearing. “Some of the designs that are out there of late look outdated and the clothing looks like the players borrowed shirts from their grandfather. To explain, grandpa called wants his shirt back type of vibe. I hope to bring youth and energy, spunk...I have the highest regard, great passion and love for the game so I don’t want to come across irreverent by any means.” She also says, “Regardless of all the challenges a golfer faces, I am impressed with how much they still love the game. I have seen clubs launch in the air, temper tantrums, clubs sitting next to trash cans because

the player thinks they have given up, divorce due to purchasing one too many new drivers, but ultimately they all manage to go back to the addictive game. Golf is literally calling and without reservation the players pick up and answer.... no messages left. I respect the golfers out there who work hard but play hard.” According to Adams, the goal of Naughty Boy Golf is to design and create a lifestyle brand with a fresh, funky and dominating approach. Her goal is to create a vibe that is not trendy but reveals to the young, swagger golfer. The success of Naughty Boy Golf has experienced this past year is impressive and demonstrates Adams’ ability to dominate this untapped area of golf apparel. Naughty Boy Golf has showcased their collection at the PGA Fashion Show with the Big Boys in Orlando last February. Also, Naughty Boy Golf currently has a full page feature in the Official PGA Tour Essential Guide to Golf magazine that should reach millions of viewers over the next six months. NBG’s instagram following is at 35,000 and continues to grow on a daily basis. All of the Naughty Boy Products are produced in the USA, small batches but they are able to mass produce large quantities as well. The polos are priced as the most expensive polos on the market and demand $165.00 each. Currently their designs are offered on their website NBGGOLF.COM . Naughty Boy Golf has also been commissioned to design wardrobe for a pilot series staring hosts Jason Connery, son of Sean Connery, world renowned golf historian Roger McStravick, and well
known British personality Di Dougherty to be filmed at St.Andrew’s this month.


Naughty Boy Golf will continue to grow in 2018 and eventually dominate because of their undying relentlessness and passion for revolutionizing golf wear. Expect to see the freshest, boldest, most daring designs on and off the courses around the world. If name is any indication, know that Naughty Boy Golf has arrived and is here to revolutionize the way the world views golf and naughty. Naughty Boy Golf has found an untapped niche in the golf apparel industry and will continue to succeed in this area because of their dedication to becoming the world’s number one golf brand. “We are about challenge and conquest, having no fear, most importantly having fun.” says Adams.

MAKING CLOTHING HIP, FRESH and LESS boring. Tiger is not the only Naughty Boy out there.

2018 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience

The PGA Fashion & Demo Experience, Aug. 13-15, 2018, in Las Vegas, is a golf merchandising, product testing and professional education event, exclusively for golf industry professionals and golf lifestyle apparel retailers, presented in a modern, sophisticated setting and organized by the PGA of America and PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions. In addition to product presentations by more than 200 companies and brands, the annual industry event features a Pro-Pro Tournament at TPC Las Vegas, the PGA Demo Experience at Topgolf Las Vegas, an evening Fashion Show and industry networking event, plus a comprehensive three-day Education Conference. Event details and registration are available at
all photos by: Tammy Hodges
NBGMEDIACONTACT:-LINDAMARIE 480-414-8374 [email protected] 

PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions: Sherry Major, (716) 662-3855, [email protected]

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