Nelson Fence Co Announces New Fence Contracting Locations

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - United States, Massachusetts, Worcester - (PR Distribution™)

Nelson Fence Co Announces New Fence Contracting Locations

Nelson Fence Co is proud to announce that they are accepting fence contracting projects in 5 major locations while offering free on-site service estimates: Worcester, Auburn, Natick, Sutton, and Framingham. In an interview, Nelson Eleuterio explains that there are 4 major reasons why people contact him for fence contracting services.


Increases Property Value
It’s well known that fences increase real estate value. But certain fences are better than others for real estate investments. Most landlords that are looking to increase the value of their property through fence installations look for fences that are both inexpensive and extremely durable. As one of the most contracted fence companies in Worcester, their clients tend to favor vinyl fences.

Vinyl fences are so popular because they’re one of the more inexpensive options, they match almost any environment and are extremely durable - especially in the harsh Massachusetts winters and blistering summers. Additionally, most vinyl fences these days can repel the typical fence destroying pests.


Increases Privacy

The people who are installing fences to increase their privacy tend to be residential home owners or certain businesses that require privacy. For the most part, their goal is to put up a fence that’s both aesthetically pleasing and not see through. For this reason, people looking for fence installation Natick tend to avoid chain link fences or iron fencing and tend to request wood board fences and vinyl fencing instead.


Increases Security

Surprisingly, nobody really gets a fence installation to keep their kids safe (a shocking statement, but one that’s made after hundreds of installations). The most common reason to get a security fence or a fence with safety in mind is to protect pets from coyotes or businesses from intruders. In these cases, the types of fences vary between the commercial and residential projects.

Typically, homeowners looking to keep their pets safe will get wooden or vinyl fences with coyote rollers, which are fence add ons that prevent coyotes from climbing over fences.

Meanwhile, business owners looking for fence contractors tend to get security fences which range in quality depending on the need. Some will be electric, barbed, anti-climb, and come with a variety of features. Some are just sturdy and meant to keep employees out of dangerous areas like power generators.


Nelson Fence Co’s Recent Expansion

What makes Nelson Fence Co different from other fence contractors in the worcester area is that they have over 300 completed projects with 5 star reviews from their clients. To date, they’ve never had a project where a client was unhappy and that’s something that no other fence company in Worcester can say. 

Their dedication to superior customer service is the reason why they are so successful and have been able to grow so well over the last decade.


In the fence contracting industry, the best ways to earn new clients and receive good ratings is to keep things simple. Offer on-site estimates, free of charge. Keep the pricing transparent. Don’t under-quote customers and surprise them with hefty bills later. And offer a guarantee on the quality of work that you do. 

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