New controversial HipHop project exposes everything that is wrong with the U.S.

11/08/2016 21:00 - ALBQ, NM - (PR Distribution™)

No Feelinz drops his highly anticipating  mixtape titled “Southwest Bang 3”.  This highly controversial project exposes everything that is wrong with the U.S.  He consciousness and rap IQ is perfectly mixed, you can really hear it as you listen track by track.  This mixtape has 11 instant classic hits with some of the hardest underground beats money can buy.  His constant shots at the government, along with his extreme knowledge on our corrupt system, shady economy, secret plots, alien invaders and the illuminati show us he really wants to express himself to the world.  His Hip Hop is original and he does exactly that they don’t want him to do, is to be REAL!

Like A Man” Ft.DJ Dream by far is the most important track on this mixtape.  Its exactly what the kids needs when it comes to real good new Hip Hop.  This mixtape caters to thousands of fans out there that can relate, and honestly, new listeners will become instant fans.  Lets not forget his extensive music video catalog on youtube channel.  Support real underground Hip Hop!





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