New Cryptocurrency Named after Rare Breed of Dog, NEWINU Launched

2021-07-20 18:22:29 - Los Angeles, California, United States

Most Powerful Social Token

A New Cryptocurrency named after a Rare Breed of Dog, New Guinea Singing Dog has been launched and is set to become The Most Powerful Social Token. NEWINU which was initially inspired by “meme” tokens such as Dogecoin is built on Automated Rewards Farming (ARF) technology meaning that the longer one holds the coin, the more the rewards in the form of $NEWINU they will receive.

The token is 100% driven by the community, all decisions will be made by telegram member groups with over 35,000 active users. NEWINU already has a huge presence in the English telegram as well as Chinese crypto platforms. So far, NEWINU looks undervalued with a low market cap indicating the potential for its growth in the long and short term. 

The token has already received endorsements from top celebrities in the showbiz industry such as Soulja Boy, who is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor, streamer, and entrepreneur. On his Twitter with over 5 Million followers, he encouraged his fans to take up the new crypto coin encouraging them not to miss out. He also had a $7500 giveaway for all those who would like, retweet and tag friends. Binance CEO CZ Binance has also shown support for the coin on Twitter

While speaking about the crypto coin, the spokesperson of the community emphasized that NEWINU will be focused on rewarding the holders and that the project is built on transparency. 

“HOLDERs benefit from a 2% transaction fee on every buy and sell, you the holder will receive passive rewards just by holding.  Our marketing wallet is powered through these tokenomics and is 100% transparent with the community. ” 

Given the fact that the project is decentralized and NEWINU was fair-launched, the development team has not made any purchase of the tokens outside the open market. Their latest release is the NEWINU Swap with staking and the NEWINU-FARMS is on the way. The development team is also constantly working hard to create features and marketing materials for NEWINU. 

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NEWINU is an ambitious, transparent project with an active community that is constantly growing. The Token has received multiple celebrity endorsements and its current market price is an amazing entry point. With Soulja Boy and CZ Binance ( CEO) supporting us and new features on the way, NEWINU is set to fly. Buy in now, and make your wallet sing.

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