New Details Emerge For the MANA Line of Nutraceuticals From Ei.Ventures

2021-02-17 09:00:00 - United States, Hawaii, Honolulu - (PR Distribution™)

Ei.Ventures CEO David Nikzad announced that the company plans to launch six nutraceuticals as part of the initial release to the public. As the company waits for relaxed regulations in certain jurisdictions in North America, the refinement process continues to put together the best solutions imaginable.

Right now, the initial launch includes six nutraceuticals that each focus on specific improvements in daily life. All six options aim to provide an alternative solution for those searching for what their body reacts to best. Every product in the MANA line contains non-psychoactive botanical ingredients, giving people the benefits without any side effects to keep people hesitant about these options.

Mental health and focus

The MANA line focuses on two products offering brain-related health improvements. Brain MANA is a nutraceutical made up of a few different types of mushrooms. This concoction of mushrooms aims to improve many mental health issues people face in their daily life.

Brain MANA works in many similar ways as Psilly, but there are no psychoactive compounds in the medication that will cause certain effects. Those reactions to medications like that sometimes cause more harm than good, depending on how a person’s body reacts.

For more of a focus on knowledge and intelligence benefits, InteliBurst strives to provide a solution in that regard. A big part of gaining knowledge and staying sharp includes having that extra energy to get through tough times and sharper focus.

Overall energy boost

The well-rounded Energy MANA option acts as a catchall solution for those looking for alternative options to caffeine and other stimulants. Not only does the product offer a boost in energy, but refined focus to stay motivated and productive.

One of the best things about Energy MANA is people can experience a boost in many areas once they start regularly using. There is a reason why many list it as one of the best overall options for people to begin with if they have multiple issues in need of treatment.

Dealing with pain

Pain Eraser is the natural pain relief option offered as part of these lines of products. Many people dealing with pain do not know where to turn to, as they have tried countless options that have not lived up to expectations in the past. This natural solution focuses on pain relief while also improving joint functioning and putting discomfort behind forever.

Sexual performance

Happy Sexy is a MANA line product that provides an alternative solution to many sexually-related problems. It is meant to compete directly with any sildenafil products currently on the market. A lack of side effects and a completely natural solution are just two of the major benefits of using Happy Sexy. Many people worry about extremely negative side effects with products meant to treat sexual problems, which ultimately discourages them from ever giving them a try.

Better sleep

The benefits of a healthy night’s sleep are apparent to many, but it has been a bit of an issue for some to get to that point throughout time. Countless solutions are out there claiming to help, but some fail to live up to expectations.

Sleepy Sexy is the nighttime version of Happy Sexy, with some similarities that make them connected. The main difference is that at night time, the Sleepy Sexy solution strives to provide a better sleep naturally to feel rejuvenated the next day.

Release plan for the MANA line

All new information on the MANA line will be released on the official website of the company, ei.ventures. The company directly deals with shipping and handling, which ensures that prices can stay competitive once everything hits the market.

The psychedelic medicine industry is ripe to explode when certain regulations fade away. With a plan in place well before, Nikzad believes that the MANA line is ready to compete at the highest level from the very beginning.

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