New fundraiser aims to help feed the hungry children in the world

2018-08-16 13:32:50 - CHAPLIN, KY - (PR Distribution™)

Fundraiser launched by Jermiah Robinson implores people with a good heart to donate and help hungry and homeless children in the world. Your donations will be distributed across churches, charities and homeless shelters.

Are you sick of seeing malnourished and homeless children? This is your chance to make things right.

Jermiah Robinson has launched an ambitious Gofundme charity campaign with the goal of helping the hungry and suffering children around the world.

"The idea was born during my travels around the world." the organizer Jermiah Robinson shared.

"I saw children who looked like they hadn't had anything to eat in weeks.

"It is heart-breaking to know that there are starving children around the world that we don't anything about.

"I implore anyone with a good heart to donate as much as they can to help these unfortunate children get the food and shelter they deserve. I think we can make this happen."

The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $1 million - resources which will be distributed across charities, churches and homeless shelters in a variety of countries.

Please donate anything you can, and please share the message with other people, so we can tackle this serious problem as human beings. The children need your help.

This fundraiser is protected by the Gofundme Guarantee, which ensures that all donated resources will be delivered to the intended recipients. You can find more information about the Guarantee here.

About the fundraiser

This is a personal initiative by the organizer Jermiah Robinson to feed the hungry and homeless children around the world. Your donations will be used to deliver the children food, water, clothes and find them shelter.

Additional details will be published to keep you updated on the progress of your kind act. Please donate today.


Please donate by filling out the form here. Or visit

For more information, contact Jermiah Robinson on

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