New Hydrogen Fuel Production Technology that Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

2021-05-25 15:08:17 - Morgantown - (PR Distribution™)

Catalyte LLC ( has developed an electrochemical reactor design aimed at producing the world’s most profitable CO2-negative hydrogen fuel, which only requires 1/5th the solar panel acres as compared with classical water electrolysis. 

The new reactor design and process uses wind and solar, starts from biogas (or methane) and significantly uses almost no water, while producing sustainable H2 at an attractive < 1 $/kg.  Water is a precious ingredient in locations with good solar power, making this a game changer.  In this process, what would have been emitted as CO2, ends up in a co-product polymer with a substantial market. More details may be found in the Catalyte, LLC Kickstarter campaign.

Dr. Christopher Papile, previous Head of the Global Renewable Task Force at the world’s leading green ammonia and green hydrogen multinational, is the inventor, working with Dr. Lauren Sammes, an internationally recognized hydrogen and materials expert.  

Dr. Lauren Sammes, a graduate of Imperial College, London, has worked in solid-state electrochemistry for a couple decades.  She was founding director of the Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center at University of Connecticut and the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) Endowed Chair Professor in Materials.  She was founding editor of the ASME Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, while recently working with Christopher on nanostructured quantum materials and novel hydrogen electrochemical reactors.  Dr. Sammes mentions “two key factors for the successful worldwide energy transformation---Energiewende---are low wind and solar footprint and minimal use of clean water to produce CO2-free hydrogen.  Despite the rush for renewable-driven H2 world-wide, the Catalyte electrochemical reactor and process is the only process to potentially avoid H2O use and minimize energy consumption to levels never before achieved.”  

Mr. Sydney Lobo, former Chief Collaboration Officer at TATA Power, now advisor to Catalyte LLC, mentions: “Internationally, clean hydrogen for fuel and chemical raw material is undergoing unprecedented market growth with 10s of GW of solar and wind announced to drive water electrolysis. The Catalyte process drastically improves environmental care even compared with renewable-driven water electrolysis, since the process averts-or-removes Tons of CO2 per Ton H2, is friendlier to animal habitats, without impinging on marine life, preserving water and has a commercial balance-of-plant established.  It will assist in decarbonization of steel through H2 direct iron reduction…with an ultimate total potential to reduce CO2 global anthropogenic emissions by > 7 %.” 

Catalyte, LLC:  a Massachusetts limited liability company develops product and consults on nanoscale materials, catalysts, information technology, chemical process design, feasibility studies and EPC for sustainable hydrogen, ammonia, polycarbonate monomer and polymer production.  CONTACT: Lydia: [email protected]www.Catalyte.comKickstarter Catalyte LLC 

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