New Method of Forecasting Long Range Winter Conditions

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - SPIRO, OKLAHOMA - (PR Distribution™)

SONFIRE ALMANACS LLC has developed a new way to forecast winter weather conditions months in advance, using leading weather technology developed while attending HINU/University of Kansas. Using water measurement fluctuations in ENSO and dynamics of the atmosphere (associated with our algorithms) we are able to create long range winter forecasts. Our app has links to (no affiliation with government weather services) NWS forecasts and links to road conditions from DOT we have it all. On sale for $2.99 (one time purchase)  now is the time to buy. Even a branch of the military has bought this app! No other weather company today has an app like this. You asked for long range winter weather information and we delivered. Get the app now (SonFire Winter Almanac) at Google Play!

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