New Music Video Release By Shallon Tore'

2021-07-23 15:37:53 - Hilo, Hawaii, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Shallon Tore' released her first album “Far Above” with TuneCore in December 2020 as an independent singer and songwriter. In no time her music video “GLOW” hit over 600,000 views with fans all around the world.   Now she has done it again with her new music video release for her hit song “PRIDE”.   “PRIDE” has a crossover POP and R&B sound that will win over the hearts of all ages and backgrounds across the globe.   

The release of her new music video “PRIDE” will launch Shallon Tore' to the top of the music charts. Pairing together Shallon Tore's gift in performance, song writing, a vocal range that will win over any heart plus the talent of two Grammy award winning sound engineers, and a music producer that worked with artist like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez, Shallon Tore' is destined to be a big name on the music charts.    

In an interview, Shallon Tore' stated that "PRIDE" is a song about how we all naturally have the desire to be right, to be heard, and to make sure our opinion is prioritized. But it can cost us big. Pride can be toxic to relationships - in our families, workplace, and school. We all have the power to make our voices louder and become defensive, but will that really solve anything?

Shallon Tore' stated that “I hope this song will remind us all to be humble and gentle in how we communicate.  Let’s quick to listen, slow to speak. Quick to kind, even when you are around others who may not agree with or think like you.  Maybe if you take the time to listen, others will want to hear what you have to say. 

Shallon Tore' is excited about sharing her album with the world!  As a former Soul Train dancer and professional Salsa dancer, Shallon Tore' wants to make music people can move to as well.  She goes on to say that here producer, Miklos Malek, did a wonderful job producing eight songs on here album “Far Above” including “PRIDE” which is fire and it will have you grooving!

Shallon Tore' says she is "so grateful that I get to make music that will meet people right where they are-in good times or bad-with a message that will leave them with hope and love.  I hope it is a song that will bless your life and relationships!”

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