New Report Assesses the Current Landscape of Mid-Market B2B E-Commerce Software

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - BALTIMORE, MD - (PR Distribution™)

E-Commerce Agency B2X Partners launches a new report titled “eXpert review: Mid-Market B2B E-Commerce Software,” which assesses the leading e-commerce software solutions, with an eye to helping mid-market B2B businesses find their next e-commerce software solution. With B2B businesses looking to expand their digital capacities, but often facing more complex requirements than B2C, this report provides critical information in this growing space.

Especially addressing the needs of small and mid-sized distributors and manufacturers, this report provides an in-depth review of the seven leading e-commerce software solutions. The author evaluates pricing models, and costs, ERP integration, out of the box business tools and customer experience capabilities, search and navigation, best of practices as well as provides insight into the software companies’ roadmap and strategy.

Report author and e-commerce strategist Justin King says, “In speaking to companies and contemporaries it became clear that the opportunities and needs are vast for smaller and mid-size B2B businesses looking to grow their online sales business. There is an information gap this report can help fill. This review is the result of extensive research, relationships and hands-on experience with the software providers, with an eye to serving this specific audience.”

The report is available for purchase at - the thought leadership site of B2X Partners. Find the report here: This report will also be accompanied by a developing microsite to provide the latest as new information, capabilities and platforms are released.

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