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2020-12-22 17:00:00 - United States, California, Newport Beach - (PR Distribution™)

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Fins Company successfully incubates and launches an innovative modern art business promoting and selling leading up and company artists


 Next Hockney identifies and promotes talented artists that have proven ability in modern art. The company specializes in identifying true talent delivers joy to owners. It enables artists to focus on their work and handles the business aspects including sales and promotions both online and through its expertise in working with leading galleries.  The featured artists, like their predecessors, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Sam Francis, and many others produce beautiful wall eye candy that will appreciate over time.  Their style and presentation is unique and timeless. 

“It’s been a dream to create a business that allows such talent to have access to a new channel to sell art.  They can focus on their craft and reach people who might never find them.  Its equally rewarding knowing our many customers enjoy their art every day.” said Fred Stefany the founder and CEO.

Next Hockney spends 6 months on average vetting artists to ensure quality of work and design.  They limit the number of artists and strive for great modern fun presentations across a variety of mediums.  Through their unique platform all artists are committed to deliver excellence. All featured artists only offer original art.  Most artists will deliver color and size modifications of their art. 

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Fred Stefany



Aspiring artists and galleries please  use the above contact information and include information on price points, any current contracts or restrictions and availability


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