NightShade Studios Charity Runs Connecting the world with love and care

2018-10-22 12:17:57 - FLORIDA - (PR Distribution™)

Road running has long been known around the world. NightShade Studios has been planning a series of charity road running activities in Asia-Pacific countries, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand and other places, since September. The charity runs are expected to happen till December 2018. It is expected that each event will attract more than 5,000 runners. We look forward to the having the locals experience the superior industrial strength of the various brands o NightShade Studios in the name of health, entertainment, technology and environmental protection through the charity runs.

The organizer will be inviting many well-known celebrities and bands to be involved in the event, and there will be many event booths and live performance after the race. Many well-known local attractions will be sighted along the race route. Along the way, there will also be accompanying runners dressed in various creative costumes. In addition, a mobile barbecue van and many local foods will also be made available for the public and the supporters, making the entire race an exciting one!

Caring for the global environment is the responsibility of every citizen. NightShade Studios will continue to fulfil their corporate commitment to sustainability during the charity races. The medals awarded for the race will also be cast by the green electronic environmentally-friendly recycled materials. After grinding and screening, the waste resources will be given a new lease of life, making it of special significance! Together with the exquisite environmental protection ceremony, the economic philosophy of sustainability and recycling will be further promoted. Love the earth with your heart!

Recoding of carbon footprint is a major challenge for organizations that are struggling to reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. As such, a new technology provides solutions. Blockchain is an innovative technology that links and protects the serial history of transactions (also known as sections) by cryptography; acting like a company that monitors all transactions, blockchain makes it possible to do away with the middle person and ultimately providing a more efficient, more transparent, and more controlled service. Many companies have traditionally followed their own ideas to present sustainable behaviors and strategies, but now they can use the blockchain to engage all stakeholders in a more sustainable economic system and subvert the traditional process.

In recent years, the NightShade Studios has integrated blockchain technology into its related subsidiaries of food & beverages, tourism, entertainment, real estate development and other related fields. The upcoming technological entertainment city is also preparing to integrate blockchain into its processes and daily operations to allow patrons to enjoy the convenience of technology, have a transparent process of consumption, and the freedom of privacy.

From September onwards, NightShade Studios will donate all registration fees for its series of charity races to environmental charities in various countries to promote and demonstrate the determination and support for global environmental protection. This is in response to the UN's global sustainable development goals and to fulfil the corporate social responsibility, and technology development without sacrificing the global environment.

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