Nine-Year-Old Author Shares Her Story and Seeks to Publish

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Nine-Year-Old Author Shares Her Story and Seeks to Publish 

Local elementary school student MaKayla Hubbs has written a children’s book called Why Bedtime Sucks: The Opposite of a Bedtime Story

The story seeks to bring increased diversity to the children’s book market and explain life from a child’s unique point of view

Why Bedtime Sucks: The Opposite of a Bedtime Story is launching a Kickstarter campaign to self-publish, making MaKayla Hubbs Centre City Elementary’s first student author

Mantua resident and Centre City elementary school student MaKayla Rose had a problem one night at bedtime. She couldn’t find a book that she wanted to read. She couldn’t find a story that represented her family and her point of view. MaKayla is a problem solver, however, and knew that the best way to fix the problem was to write a story of her own! This was the beginning of “Why Bedtime Sucks: The Opposite of a Bedtime Story”, and a journey for her whole family.  

Once MaKayla had written her story and hand drawn her illustrations, she shared it with her peers and teachers. Other students were inspired by her initiative and began writing stories of their own. This is when her mother, Shalina, knew that Why Bedtime Sucks was a story that could reach and inspire so many other young people to relate and create for themselves, and she began the process of making MaKayla’s tale into a book. One of the first steps was to connect with the right illustrator. All the illustrations in Why Bedtime Sucks are hand created in collaboration with artist Isabel Rivera of Cancun, Mexico.

To retain the creative independence and MaKayla’s true voice in the story, the Hubbs have decided to self-publish launching the project as a campaign on Kickstarter. Why Bedtime Sucks is an opportunity to provide diversity into illustrated children’s books that would benefit all children. The main character represents every child who can think of a million things they rather do than go to sleep.

“She’s a role model for the kids not just in our district, but throughout the country,” said Terry Labbree, supervisor of curriculum at the Mantua Township School District. “If you want something bad enough, it’s possible to do.”


The Why Bedtime Sucks Kickstarter campaign also supports the 50 States 50 Books project. This project provides free diverse books to kids nationwide. The organization has made it their mission to address the literacy gap one state at a time. Nearly every level of the Kickstarter campaign to publish Why Bedtime Sucks pledges a book donation to the 50 States 50 Books project, which is important to MaKayla and her family. Most of all, MaKayla Rose hopes to be a guest author reading her story to her peers at Centre City Elementary school.

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MaKayla is available for interviews and appearances about her book campaign.  To schedule an appearance, contact Shalina Hubbs at [email protected]

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