NRA Class Action Plaintiff Sued for Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Duty

2022-10-11 12:00:00 - Knoxville, Tennessee, United States - (PR Distribution™)
Tennessee lawyer Elliott J. Schuchardt has filed suit against the plaintiff in a class action lawsuit currently pending against the National Rifle Association. 

The defendant in the case is David Dell'Aquila.  In 2019, Dell'Aquila filed a class action lawsuit against the National Rifle Association, with Schuchardt's assistance.  In that case, Dell'Aquila claimed to be a high-value donor to the NRA, who had been wronged by the NRA's marketing policies.  Schuchardt represented Dell'Aquila for the first year of the case, and obtained standing for Dell'Aquila in the case.    

Schuchardt's lawsuit against Dell'Aquila alleges that Dell'Aquila committed fraud in his business dealings with Schuchardt.  According to the complaint, Schuchardt represented Dell'Aquila in connection with a second case – a probate estate currently being administered by Dell'Aquila in Nashville, Tennessee.  Schuchardt alleges in the complaint that Dell'Aquila committed fraud by falsely telling Schuchardt that Dell'Aquila intended to quickly settle the litigation.  Instead, the case continued for four years, with no settlement or payment to creditors.  The complaint alleges that Dell'Aquila intentionally breached his fiduciary duty to the estate's creditors, by refusing to settle the case in a commercially reasonable manner. 

Schuchardt is a 1993 graduate of Columbia Law School.  Schuchardt has spent much of the last ten years engaging in civil liberties work in the courts.  In 2015, he obtained an injunction preventing Sweet Briar College, located in Amherst, Virginia, from closing.  Schuchardt has also challenged federal government policies alleging the unlawful collection of e-mail.  The NRA case was Schuchardt's third case involving national public policy. 

Schuchardt's case against Dell'Aquila is filed in the Circuit Court for Knox County, Tennessee.


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