Nut Butter Manufacturer Ezra Cohen Montreal Provides Exploration Expertise For Post-COVID Travel

2021-08-03 15:20:36 - Montreal, Canada - (PR Distribution™)

Ezra Cohen Montreal, a health-lifestyle brand founded by Ezra Cohen, is sharing their knowledge regarding COVID restrictions in Montreal via their popular online blog. 

According to the team, the Government of Quebec lifted many restrictions for the city in June 2021 and launched a reopening plan with the intent of the city being fully open by August. With constantly changing rules, the Ezra Cohen Montreal blog is staying current with the latest changes, and helping promote tourism for the country’s second largest city. 

In response to COVID travel restrictions beginning to lift, Ezra Cohen Montreal remains diligent in their efforts to share their love and passion for Montreal by providing valuable tips and information for those navigating the city under such restrictions. Beyond an affinity for healthy food options throughout the city, Ezra keys in on topics that are eclectic, essential, and exciting, tackling the subjects of art, fashion, food, lifestyle, sports, and travel for a completely well-rounded view of the city. 

Each category of the Ezra Cohen Montreal blog offers comprehensive insights. For example, under Food Categories, Ezra explores socially-distanced fine dining as well as casual dining and home delivery. 

Likewise, the travel section of the Ezra Cohen Montreal blog speaks directly to the residents of Montreal neighborhoods and visitors alike. In an article discussing free and COVID-safe summer activities, he lists the top places for tourists and residents to visit. 

Interested readers are invited to visit for more information. 

About Ezra Cohen Montreal 

Ezra Cohen Montreal is a travel blog founded by Ezra Cohen, McGill University graduate. In addition to an exclusive line of nut butter products, Ezra Cohen Montreal also produces content across multiple websites, including original healthy recipes and a Montreal lifestyle site.

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