OnTarget Digital Services Launches To Help Businesses Develop A Positive Online Image

02/01/2019 08:00 - CANYON LAKE, CA - (PR Distribution™)

Last month, OnTarget Digital Services, LLC launched their reputation and search marketing services company, helping businesses develop a positive online image and search presence.

"We started OnTarget with the goal of helping businesses reach more potential customers with positive online ratings as well as with top notch ads and search placement" explained Managing Partner, Tina Inkrote. "We become partners with our clients, helping them achieve online success by doing the heavy lifting for them so they can concentrate on their core business. And we do it for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an employee to manage it for them." 

OnTarget Digital Services’ customers gain access to a powerful, effective platform for monitoring their businesses’ online reviews and connecting with their customers using text and email surveys via an easy-to-use and fully customized mobile application for both Android and Apple users. The platform also provides real-time reporting on the performance of any online search marketing advertising campaigns managed by OnTarget. 

Gaining Stellar Reviews and Delivering Engaging Ads Online Will Attract Prospective Customers

In addition to their Reputation Management and Search Marketing products and services, OnTarget offers a variety of other marketing services including: social media management, graphic design, search engine optimization, email marketing, website design and online content creation. To learn more about the full suite of services OnTarget has to offer, and find out how they can help your business, please contact them here.

Dawn Varga, Managing Partner of OnTarget Digital Services, is “confident that the great value our applications and services provide, along with the high level of customer support our team delivers, will help create long-term relationships with clients.”

About OnTarget Digital Services, LLC

Headquartered in Canyon Lake, California, OnTarget Digital Services is a digital marketing services provider for SMBs and SMEs. The managing partners have over 15 years of experience in online digital marketing, social media and reputation management. The company created the Send A Survey mobile app, a valuable tool for companies to obtain feedback and referrals from their customers. OnTarget’s personalized approach is to partner with their clients, deliver exceptional customer service and top-notch results, and become an essential extension of their business.

Please visit www.ontargetdigitalservices.com, www.facebook.com/ontargetdigitalservices/, and www.linkedin.com/company/ontarget-digital-services-llc/ to find out more about the company, its business and results.

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