“Operating Naked- A Black Bag Job” television production starts Principal photography

2020-06-25 07:14:57 - United States, California, Burbank - (PR Distribution™)

The much-anticipated espionage thriller, “Operating Naked-A Black Bag Job” started filming in Napa Valley, California on Monday 22nd of June

This espionage thriller is set in the 1990's and based around the real-life story of an American spy who worked in Spain during that time. The original manuscript was written by espionage writer, Jon Augustine, who worked as a writer on the famed television espionage drama "Burn Notice"

The adaptation of the manuscript into a taut, action-packed television series was the idea of producer, Pat Andrew of Wanda-Halcyon Television who won a bidding war for the rights to the manuscript. Pat Andrew, former Aaron Spelling executive and former assistant to Hollywood icon, Sydney Korshak, was recently named one of the Top Ten Producers to watch in Europe in 2020. Writer, Augustine and Andrew have collaborated together several times on both fiction and non-fiction drama.

The production is being produced by Wanda Halcyon Television in conjunction with Memphis Writers, led by former BBC executive, Sutish Sharma, and the Asian Hollywood investor, Pegasus Ventures.

Laura Beltran Jimenez, Communications Manager for Wanda-Halcyon Television stated that the production will also film in Spain in the first week of August and casting for Spanish actors will take place within the next few weeks in coordination with Spanish media advisors, Hormiguea. Auditions will take place in Almeria, Spain and filming locations will include Ronda and Almeria.

The announcements regarding audition details in Spain will be released on Monday 29th June

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