OptoSigma Launches Project Avatar, a New Photonics Based Educational Platform

2022-04-21 14:30:00 - Unites States, New Jersey, Paramus - (PR Distribution™)

Santa Ana, March 2022: OptoSigma, a global optics & optomechanical manufacturer, launches Project  Avatar, a fun and creative platform to promote new technologies within the optics and photonics  community by creating a comic book showcasing thought leaders and their technologies. Each volume  of the comic book will feature a different technology and industry luminary followed by a video  interview with the featured researcher discussing their work in the “real world”. 

The launch of Project Avatar, at Photonics West in San Francisco, is the beginning of a multi-year immersive marketing campaign designed to teach our community about the role photonics plays in our  world. The story takes place when the Betelgeuse star begins to super nova releasing a high energy  Gamma burst that hits the OptoSigma building. After the explosion, a highly intelligent creature named  Kazu self-assembles from OptoSigma parts. Kazu learns he has been created on Earth to help humans  further advance technology. “We are very excited to launch this new educational platform.” says Scott  Rudder, President and CEO of OptoSigma. “We believe it will connect with the Photonics community and  be both a creative and fun way to highlight some of the work that our industry’s luminaries are  pioneering. The complete “Project Avatar” storyline is already written, and we have made sure to  include both jokes and Easter eggs in each episode of the comic to keep the audience speculating as the  entire storyline unfolds.” 

Please visit OptoSigma’s webpage to view the full comic at: https://www.optosigma.com/us_en/comic vol-1. There is also an exclusive interview with Professor Joseph Kalman, in the department of  Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at California State University, Long Beach. See at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sowArMQePd0 

Optosigma will be exhibiting at Defense and Commercial Sensing in Orlando Florida and at Laser World  of Photonics in Munich, Germany. We will have hard copies of the comic book and other promotional  items. Please stop by and visit with us. 

About OptoSigma 

A leader in optics, optical systems, opto-mechanics, manual and motorized positioning, and thin film  coatings for more than 20 years, OptoSigma is committed to providing solutions, together with  unrivaled quality, service and engineering insight for our customers on every product we offer. Our  global manufacturing locations enable us to best meet our customers needs for custom or catalog  standard products, whether the focus is price, precision, delivery , or, a combination. We also keep a  significant amount of inventory in stock so we can deliver promptly and ontime. Our focus is to support  both research and commercial business globally. Discover why thousands of customers worldwide rely  on OptoSigma! www.optosigma.com 

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