OSP Labs Reveals AI-powered Solutions to Drive Efficiency across Industries

02/20/2019 20:00 - ARLINGTON, TEXAS - (PR Distribution™)

With advanced technology sweeping through every industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a business priority for most business leaders and its benefits are being rapidly realized. Cutting-edge technology drive excellence and powerful software that can drive operational efficiency is the new order of business. OSP Labs offers top-of-the-line solutions that are created with immense potential for AI enablement and digital transformation to drive higher profits. 

"AI is shaping the present of around us, especially healthcare. At OSP, we are looking forward to leveraging the human and machine intelligence to create disruptive technologies and accelerators to solve the pressing challenges in healthcare and other industries", said Brij, Project Manager at OSP. 

Continuing with our commitment towards high-end software deployment, we have launched a host of AI solutions that not only augment human capacity toward excellence, but can work independently to increase revenue. 

AI in Accounting

OSP Labs offers automation features to streamline the workflow of accountants, superior fraud detection techniques, and holistic accounting platforms. The world of accounting is set to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and accuracy. 

AI in Insurance

OSP is set to disrupt the traditional system of insurance and claims with solutions that range from personalized customer service, automated fraud and risk detection, and sales boosting technology. 

AI in Medical Diagnosis

OSP’s offers next gen medical diagnosis solutions, such as, image analysis, predictive analytics, rare object identification, morphology-based segmentation, and digital whole slide imaging.

AI in Radiology

OSP transforms the medical imaging business with its dynamic solutions of data mining, image processing, image analysis, deep learning platforms, image texture analysis algorithms, and data augmentation. 

AI in Business Intelligence

OSP’s AI for business intelligence solutions include data analytics platform, embedded analytics features, data warehousing, data management, data preparation, and text analysis.

AI in Pathology 

OSP’s technology offers improved pathology solutions for intelligent analysis, tissue phonemics for disease prevention, in vitro diagnostic devices, and cloud-based diagnostic analysis. 

AI in Medical Billing

From custom billing modules, advanced reporting, billing CRM management, payment processing, to claim review systems and clinical documentation OSP Labs fulfills the need of the hour through computer assisted coding, data anomaly detection, and AI-based workflow optimization.

AI in IoT

The merging of AI and Internet of Things at OSP, bring IoT platforms, easy-to-integrate sensors, device management, edge processing, data management, and network management & support. 

After an investment of over $12.5 billion, across different industry domains, AI systems are establishing themselves as a core component toward industry growth. This investment figure has nearly doubled from the year before and is targeted to reach greater levels of deployment. OSP Laps understands the need of the hour and is here to address it. 

About OSP:

OSP is a leading Custom healthcare Software development company in the US, which is planning to build ahead of the future with top-notch AI and machine learning software solutions. They are pushing the bar on innovation by extending their expertise to the complete range of AI solutions, across a broad spectrum of industries, especially healthcare. 

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