Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - How This Guy Built a Video Production & Digital Media Agency

2022-08-31 12:00:00 - Colton, California, United States

Sometimes we let what others say or think of us weigh us down. We believe that we do not have what it takes to excel, especially in a society where formal education is regarded as the automatic prerequisite for success. This was the case for Jose Pineda aka Can't Stop Jay.

For the longest time, Jay felt he didn't have what it takes to compete with other experts in the field because he didn't attend a video production school. Fast forward to today, Jay now owns one of the top videos and editing agencies in the Inland Empire. Here is his story.

Jay is a self-taught videographer, editor, and digital marketing specialist. He didn't go to a video production school or earn a degree in marketing, he taught himself how to edit and even film professional videos as he had no money. Jay was not financially stable. He explains that when he started his job as a freelance videographer, he didn't have enough money to buy all the equipment. He had to find a way to make it work with what he had. He started growing his brand by posting snippets of his work, and as more people saw it, Jay began getting bigger deals. Today, he is sought out by many personal brands to help create content to accelerate their image online.

Jay is the founder and CEO of Video Cartel. Video Cartel helps you create highly-engaging video content. Jay partnered with some of the best videographers and editors in the Inland Empire, and through Video Cartel, they are giving content creators the tools they need to follow their dreams. Video Cartel offers digital marketing services such as press releases, website creation, SEO, and Facebook and Google ads. Jay also uses his platforms to encourage young entrepreneurs. As a young person, he says that one of his goals is to help to empower other entrepreneurs by showing other visionaries that you do not have to be an expert to try something. Video and editing were his tool for making this possible. 

He adds that you do not have to wait for others to take that first step. There is no right time, and the more you push back, the more you give the critics a chance to push their theory. When Jay found video production, he was broke. He had never attended a video production school, and it was hard for him to break into the crowded industry. Seeing that he didn't have the right resources at the time, Jay decided to use YouTube to learn videography. He did his research, and within a few months, began his work as a videographer and editor while slowly adding more services like social media management and digital marketing. 

While it was challenging, and many people tried to discourage him when he couldn't make it, Jay never gave up. He continued to work hard and managed to overcome the doubters, showing them that nothing is unattainable when you put your mind to it.
But his journey is not over yet. Jay’s dream is to be a complete digital media powerhouse. As he works toward this goal, he is also helping young people leverage social media to grow their income. 

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