Palladius Inc Adds Salmon Oil to Line of Bestselling PetVi Products

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  United States, California, Auburn - 05/01/2019 (

PetVi Continues to Create Happy, Healthy Pets Through Old and New Products Alike

Since 2013 Palladius has provided PetVi Probiotic Supplements for dogs and cats as a cost effective way to reduce allergies, skin irritations, and digestive issues. Today they added an additional product to their PetVi line: Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Salmon oil is a great supplement to improve canine and feline health, and pairs perfectly with PetVi Probiotic powder.

Benefits of Salmon Oil

  1. Tasty salmon oil goes great on top of PetVi Probiotic powder so even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy it.
  2. The Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids promote a healthy, shiny skin and coat for your pet.
  3. Healthy fats also assist with heart health and energy keeping your pet zesty throughout the day.
  4. Salmon oil may also reduce joint discomfort and pain to help older paws move around.

Where to Buy

All PetVi products are available on the PetVi website. They can also be found on Chewy and Amazon. Palladius often release PetVi coupons to their social media and email followers, so make sure to follow them for great deals.

Launch Deal

For a limited time, use promo code lovepetvi a checkout to get up to 20% off your first order!

About PetVi

PetVi was created when Steve and Mark, alfalfa brokers by trade, began feeding alfalfa to their dogs since it had such great effects on livestock. They almost immediately saw drastic improvements in their dogs' health and energy levels. From their they worked with a nutritionist from U.C. Davis to develop a proprietary formula using the benefits of alfalfa. PetVi probiotics can help dogs boost their immune systems, decrease itchiness, hot spots, and other skin irritations, as well as help with digestive issues. PetVi adds back the nutrients that get baked out of most dog kibble.

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