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  United States - 07/24/2019 (

Over the last few years, Palmer Administrative Services has helped thousands of people get the auto protection they are looking for. With a growing number of partners and clients, they recently announced improvements to their customer service. Everyone who works with the company can expert faster service no matter what they need. According to the company, it was as necessary step to continue its growth.

There is nothing worse than not getting proper customer service in any industry. Palmer Administrative Services has always provided itself on making sure that each customer gets quality service, but the strain of any growing company can be felt from time to time. There was a growing demand for assistance, and they felt it was necessary to address it right away.

There are several different options for customer service at Palmer. For starters, they offer a 1-800 number for customer service at all times. This is for just about any issue that might pop up, and it is often thought of as the easiest method to get a hold of the company.

There is now additional staff taking calls through the 1-800 number. This will vastly decrease wait times during peak hours, and ensure that a person can talk to an individual at a moments notice.

Traditional email is also available for general information. This is usually recommended for people who have general questions that are not that urgent. Email responses usually come within two business days, but more often than not it will just be one business day.

Finally, there is a contact us form directly on the website. This works in a lot of ways like email, but it usually gets a somewhat faster response. There are just a few different boxes that need to be filled out before hitting submit and waiting for a response.

Along with all the service provided online and over the phone, office hours are now 9 AM to 7 PM Eastern standard time. These expanded hours allow people in all areas of the country to get the service they need. Many competitors are only open roughly 8 hours a day, but the extra two hours is beneficial for those who need urgent assistance.

Palmer has already seen an impact with their changes in the past, so they are very hopeful that these customer service improvements will take things to the next level. The company has always received higher rankings in customer service from Palmer Administration reviews, so they are hoping to continue to provide such services.

Users should always feel comfortable when they are working with Palmer. If there are any questions at any time, answers can be found in a matter of minutes instead of days. When there is something that goes wrong with a vehicle, time is always limited. Most people want to get everything fixed and back on track as soon as possible.

Every customer service representative can handle all the different plans and services provided by the company. While there are specialists in each department, The company also believes in every single customer service representative understanding how to fix a variety of problems they receive.

To learn more about all the different services provided by the company, visit This is the best way to gather information and learn about why the company has such high ratings. Auto protection plans can sometimes be considered a rip off if not working with the right company. Don't fall in the trap of working with a company that really does not know how to handle things. It can lead to a lot of trouble in the end.

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