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Headquartered in New Jersey, Palmer Administration Services was established more than three decades ago to offer extended car warranties to consumers in the US. Today, the company is one of the leading extended auto warranty providers in North America, with a strong presence in both the US and Canadian markets. The company offers a wide range of extended auto coverage plans to cater to different consumers and budgets. With that in mind, here is a quick look at these plans.

Types of Plans

As mentioned above, Palmer Administration Services offers a wide range of extended auto coverage plans. These plans include the Basic Plan, Powertrain Plan, Classic Plan, Premier Plan, Royal Select Plan and Elite Exclusionary Plan. At a minimum, all these plans, with the exception of the Basic Plan, cover repairs relating to the drive axles, transmission as well as the engine. Irrespective of the plan you choose, you will be entitled to roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is particularly important because wheels and tires, ignition systems, fuel injectors and battery malfunctions are some of the leading causes of breakdowns in older vehicles, according to Consumer Repairs. In some cases, you may also be entitled to overnight stay compensation.


Palmer Administration Services plans are relatively affordable because the company offers its clients flexible payment plans and solutions. Moreover, the company has a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team and uses one of the best Collection Management systems in the industry. By offering quality service plans and excellent customer support, Palmer Administration Services has been able to build and maintain a mutually satisfying relationship with its customers and in the process, become a dominant player in the extended car warranty space.

Palmer Administration Services subsidiary NCWC Incorporated has provided forward guidance for 2018 and beyond.

Many people have never heard of the New Jersey company NCWC, Incorporated ( Those who have, however, know that it is one of the premier names in the automotive consumer agreements industry. For almost two decades, NCWC has been providing consumers with peace of mind through their wide array of extended service contracts. With NCWC helping car owners at a record pace in 2018, the year appears to be shaping up as yet another record breaker.

One of the reasons why NCWC is so little known among the general public is that much of its business is carried out through their subsidiary Palmer Administration (, a name which is more widely recognized due to its long association with the many automotive dealers, financial services companies, and marketing organizations that comprise the Palmer Administration network of agents which offer its services to the ultimate consumer end user.

Yet this perceived anonymity is gradually fading as an increasing number of businesses elect to carry the NCWC line of extended warranty protection services. Even as many dealerships consolidate into wide-ranging conglomerates, the number of agents who do business with Palmer Administration continues to rise. This is undoubtedly due to the superior service, extensive track record, and price structure which make NCWC the obvious choice for those dealers who desire to offer extended coverage to their customers.

Ultimately, however, many dealers choose NCWC for one simple reason-- it is the program which most consumers prefer, particularly among those who carefully research the subject prior to spending their hard-earned money. When the interests of the seller and the buyer combines so perfectly, it is hard to imagine a reason why anyone would choose to give their trade to anyone else.

Despite being a clear leader in marketing the current line of vehicle protection services, that does not mean that NCWC is not already making plans for the next generation of plans for future vehicles as well as refining the current plethora of offerings so as to make them more efficient and manageable for both agents and consumers.

Many new automotive technologies are just starting to creep into the marketplace but NCWC is not waiting for feedback to come in from its agents. These new technologies need coverage from the first day they roll off the assembly line, and that means NCWC has to have a credible plan to cover them even before data ultimately comes back from the dealers. No matter what the future may bring, NCWC Incorporated and Palmer Administration is ready for the challenge.


When buying a used car, you should also buy an extended warranty for the car.  Fortunately, Palmer Administration Services offers a wide range of extended auto warranty plans to cater to different cars and budgets. Call Palmer Administration Services today at (800) 599-9557 to learn more about these plans.

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