Park Capital SA giving 400% more on investor capital outlay to invest.

2019-05-31 12:45:35 - United States, Florida, Belleair - (PR Distribution™)

In 2018 Park Capital SA (PCS) a Switzerland asset management company has asset under management of USD $19 billion and have generated USD $10 billion return for its investors over the span of 10 year by giving leverage to investor for the purpose of amplifying its return of investment many times over without additional capital injection.

Leverage is using borrowed capital or equity for an investment with the expectation that the profits made will be greater than the interest payable. In the investment industry, leverage can be positively used by Asset Management firms to multiply profits.

Park Capital SA tremendous confidence in its propriety 3-way arbitrage trading system, give 3 to 4 times more on the investor initial capital outlay to be use by Park Capital SA trading in PCS 3-way arbitrage forex propriety system which allows investor to maximize its investment returns without any risk to investor principal capital. 

For illustration purpose, an 10,000 USD investment with Park Capital SA will automatically be blow up to be a trading account of 40,000 USD. The leverage effect allows investor to enjoy the investment returns of a 40,000 USD investment, while only investing with a principal capital of 10,000 USD. 

“Confidence in our propriety 3-way arbitrage system allows us to give up to 400% more on your capital outlay for investment purposes, without charging any kind of interest on the extra funding. This allow us to amplify our investor returns faster in a more stable way.”, CFO, Park Capital SA.

This strategy moves by Park Capital SA clearly demonstrating the art of using leverage in a proven trading system is the key to capital preservation and investment success. 

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