PG & E Lawsuit Countdown - 2 Weeks Left to Get Claims In for Camp Fire Settlement

2019-10-02 12:07:18 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

In an interview with the award winning attorney Nicholas "Butch" Wagner, from Wagner and Jones, he stated that "October 21st is the deadline for claims against PG & E for the Butte County County Campfire".  Mr. Wagner emphasized that time is running out for the victims of the PG & E camp fire, and that there are still far too many people that haven't filed claims. 

For the people who haven't filed yet, the California law firm, Wagner and Jones put out a statement offering a free consultation for PG & E victims and won't charge a dime unless they win their case.

4 Common MYTHS Holding Back PG &E Campfire Victims:

  1. I didn't have insurance covering my property and thus I shouldn't file a claim.
  2. There's no point in trying to file a lawsuit against an overwhelmingly large company.
  3. Even if we win, there's not much compensation to be earned.
  4. PG & E is declaring bankruptcy therefore I won't get paid anyways.
  5. I've never gone through the legal system before.

Thankfully, Attorney Wagner took the time to address each of these concerns.

If You Didn't Have Insurance

To start, around of 15% of the victims didn't have the right type of insurance or any insurance at all to cover against the camp fire. While 15% might not sound like a lot, it's still a significant amount of people and PG & E recognizes that.

Point 2 & 3: PG & E knows that they're not going to win this case. PG & E has already paid out $12 billion in settlements and are still under significant legal assault for more. These settlements do not include the amounts reserved for individual victims, to which they have $8.4 billion reserved.

How the PG & E Settlement is Affected by the Bankruptcy

So you're probably wondering what's going on with the bankruptcy. PG & E is attempting to restructure the company. The bankruptcy and re-structure plan includes all the payments to the Butte County Camp Fire victims. In short, don't be scared by the fact that they're declaring bankruptcy. And to also help victims, a bondholder group is attempting to takeover PG & E and they are de-stabilizing the bankruptcy.

And lastly, most of the Butte County Camp Fire victims had never had to go through the legal system before. Especially not to face titans like PG & E. But that's why attorneys like the ones at Wagner and Jones exist. They've won millions for their plaintiffs before against large corporations and they're offering to help you too. Small groups of people going against large companies is something they're all too experienced with, and their track record for winning is astounding.

In a final message from Mr. Wagner, he stated "If you were a victim to the Butte County Camp Fire, then it's time to get the compensation that you deserve. Do not wait any longer. Once again, the deadline is approaching and we here at Wagner and Jones are offering a free consultation to help you get started".

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Recent Developments with the PG & E Litigation

In the last couple of days, a lot has happened with PG & E. To start, the government entities were all paid out. And the insurance groups who already compensated their clients received an $11 billion settlement but are still fighting for more.

Individual victims of the Butte County Campfire formed their own group, teamed up with Wall Street Hedge Funds and have attempted a hostile take over of PG & E. If this goes through, victims will be able to receive even more compensation than they were originally anticipating if their claims are filed by the deadline.

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