Phoenix tech company Fyresite markets sold-out NFT for Peruvian visual artist Chris Dyer

2022-01-05 21:30:00 - Phoenix, Arizona, United States - (PR Distribution™)

PHOENIX – Phoenix web and app development company Fyresite is now among the first Arizona tech companies to break into the NFT marketing space through the incredibly successful Galaktic Gang NFT.


The local 25-person team provided a website and a range of marketing materials for the Galaktic Gang NFT project, created by visual artist Chris Dyer (covered by Forbes). In two weeks (December 21 to January 3), the Galaktic Gang NFT project has generated 444 ETH ($1.6 million) in mint sales and 478 ETH ($1.8 million) in secondary sales. The project has gained 10,000 twitter followers and 10,000 discord users with 1,000 active at any given time. 


Fyresite’s contributions to the project include a custom marketing website, animations for existing artwork, marketing graphics, and custom emojis for the discord server.


All art is entirely hand-drawn by world-renowned Peruvian-Canadian artist Chris Dyer. Dyer’s work is part of the Visionary Art movement and is heavily influenced by his spirituality. He works in a variety of mediums and recently entered the NFT space to break his art from its physical bindings and engage with the art community on a deeper level. Fyresite finds his project especially promising because it puts art and community before profit, bringing amazing spiritual positivity to Arizona and the world.


Fyresite’s award-winning 10 years of experience in the nationwide software space and deep technical understanding of blockchain uniquely positions them to meet the needs of NFT and Web3 projects. In addition to Galaktic Gang, Fyresite has also built websites and marketing materials for Web3 projects Axion Network and Sleepy Sloth Finance. Fyresite strives to foster the growth of Arizona’s art and culture scene by making NFT art more visible and accessible to collectors and communities. Here are a few of our favorite comments about the project.


Once it was put in the random generator machine… it's almost like I collaborated with AI to create all of these characters that I would’ve never imagined myself.


In most popular NFT communities, the art almost seems secondary to the community and the vibes. This community will be different than other NFT communities. This is not a community to flaunt some kind of richness. It's not about being a billionaire. It's not about being on a yacht. It's not about showing off all this money – what I like about crypto and NFTs in general is that they are a chance for the normal person to balance out that equation from the central financial corporations. – Chris Dyer, Galactic Gang NFT Artist


The Galaktic Gang NFT launched 5,555 newly-minted units on December 16, 2021 at 9:00 PM MST with a mint price of .0777 ETH. Public mint is now closed, NFTs are available for secondary purchase on OpenSea. In two weeks (12/21 to 1/3), the floor price grew 500% to 0.359 ETH.


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Company Contact: Katelyn Beal, Marketing Specialist

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Phone: (888) 221 - 6509



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