Pioneer of Breakthrough Heart Disease Treatment Sidesteps Big Pharma

2022-10-18 19:00:00 - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - (PR Distribution™)

The small pharmaceutical company Cholrem, is pioneering a medical breakthrough treatment that is reversing the effects of heart disease.

While researching his own heart condition, Kyle Hodgetts uncovered a compound derived from starch that has been widely used in pharmaceuticals for more than forty years as the potential key to overcoming the western world's number one killer.

Mr Hodgetts learned that in 2016, research led by the scientists Eicke Latz and Sebastian Zimmer from Germany's Bonn University Germany had shown that a molecule, 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin, significantly reduced plaque build-up in mice, and has been shown to remove cholesterol, plaque, from blocked arteries.

“They tested the Cyclodextrin on human plaque and found the same result, but as Cyclodextrin can’t be patented, big pharmaceutical companies were unwilling to invest funding to undertake human trials for a product that would make some of their existing products obsolete.”

Additional research conducted by the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center has also shown that treating mice with Cyclodextrin significantly prolonged their lives.

The donut-shaped starch-based molecule has an outer layer which is attracted to water, and a cavity region which sucks up oily substances like cholesterol and other lipids.

“One potential drawback [to obtain funding] is also one of the most positive aspects of Cyclodextrin: the substance, which is a type of sugar, has already been approved by the FDA for use in humans,” said Mr Latz.

Having been a long-term sufferer of advanced cardiovascular disease with extremely high cholesterol and major blockages in several arteries himself, Mr Hodgetts took a personal interest in finding a cure for the condition which claims the lives of 2,353 Americans each day, or one person every 34 seconds.

Determined to discover the extent of Cyclodextrin's heart disease reversing abilities, Mr Hodgetts took it upon himself to do extensive research to find the right Cyclodextrin that was safe for human trials.

“I developed my own Cyclodextrin, ‘Cavadextrin’ and worked through the protocols for a treatment to save my own life," said Mr Hodgetts.

“After the first month of treatment, my cholesterol levels were dramatically reduced and there was substantial improvement in my liver function, and within another month, the blockages in my arteries were significantly reduced.

The Doctor who administered my first Cyclodextrin, after seeing the results, is now a shareholder in the company.”

Determined to investigate further after finding Cavadextrin improved his condition without any adverse effects, Mr Hodgetts turned to Professor Laurie Howes , an eminent cardiology researcher with a special interest in cholesterol and blocked arteries, for his opinion.

“I have been aware of Kyle’s cardiovascular problems over at least 10 years, we have had disagreements about his management and especially his lifestyle,” said Professor Howes.

“Conventional cholesterol treatments along with lifestyle changes can reverse blockages in arteries, but it is a slow process over many years.

“I have never seen such dramatic effects and results over a matter of months.

"His results replicate in humans those achieved in clinical experiments around 2016.

“It is definitely a major priority for further research."

Mr Hodgetts founded the company Cholrem, a portmanteau of the words CHOLesterol REMoval, in 2018 which further developed the Cyclodextrin product, Cavadextrin (commonly known as CAVADEX) into RemChol, an enema product and infusion products which are supplied to several clinics across the USA.

Cavadextrin can be administered intravenously via a 30 minute infusion, or through an enema that can be administered at home.

“Cavadextrin can only be absorbed into the bloodstream via IV or as an enema. We are currently developing a tablet version, but we are still a way off from a trialled product," said Mr Hodgetts.

“On entering the bloodstream, Cavadextrin binds to and removes cholesterol from artery walls, reducing inflammation and the size of the plaque. It leaves the body via the urinary tract, generally within six hours."

“Treatments of Cavadextrin to clear the bodies' vascular system will have a profound impact on how we treat heart disease, and will also improve people’s overall health," said Mr Hodgetts.

“Our studies have shown that Cavadextrin can reduce plaque substantially in just four weeks and is well tolerated at high doses in patients with advanced cardiovascular disease.

“Our first patient had an angiogram prior to treatment and another after treatment which showed that plaque was significantly reduced.

“We offer access to the Cavadextrin treatment based on the science available and our research.

“We advise patients that Cavadextrin doesn’t interact with other medications, and should not be taken as a substitute for any medical treatment they may currently be taking.”

Further, ongoing research is revealing the vast potential of Cavadextrin to combat a number of other medical conditions.

“Cavadextrin not only reduces plaque in those with advanced cardiovascular disease, we have also noted improvement in vision, liver and kidney function as well as cognitive improvement," said Mr Hodgetts.

"Blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to every part of your body as well as collecting carbon dioxide and other metabolic products to be excreted from your body.

"Not just the main vessels clog with cholesterol but also the microscopic vessels are restricted, degrading your body as you age."

More information can be found on the Cholrem.com website.

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